Price: 69.00€

Anti-Puffiness and Dark Circles Cream 15 ml.

A refined decongestant cream that reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It helps drain the fluids that tend to accumulate due to poor circulation, fatigue, lack of sleep, and other factors. It also reinforces the skin to attenuate the visibility of the veins that run beneath the eyes.

Rich in emollients, hydrating factors, and antioxidants, BIOREGENE Crème Anti-Cernes fortifies the skin and keeps it firm and free from spreading wrinkles.


  • Reinforcing and antioxidant action to diminish dark circles and to reduce wrinkles;
  • Astringent and diuretic action to relieve congestion and puffiness;
  • Intense hydrating and emollient action for a firmer and more resilient skin.


BIOREGENE Crème Anti-Cernes is to be used on the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. The product is suitable both for men and women. It can be used either as a preventative measure to hold back the formation of dark circles and puffiness or as a diminishing product to help reduce their size and visibility.


For all skin types.