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Specific Cream for Sensitive and Dry Skins 50 ml

Designed for the regular care of sensitive, delicate, and dry skins, this is a truly extraordinary cream. It is rich in state-of-the-art ceramides and other encapsulated emollients and hydrating factors, that soothe and profoundly moisturize the skin. With its deep skin conditioning action, BIOREGENE Crème Peaux Sensibles restores the skin’s lipid barrier to improve its elasticity and to relieve the discomfort resulting from dryness.


  • Restores the skin’s lipid barrier;
  • Intense emollient action to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin;
  • Vigorous skin conditioning and hydrating action;
  • Soothing effect to relieve discomfort associated with dry skin.

Recommended to use

BIOREGENE Crème Peaux Sensibles protects, soothes, and improves the hydrolipid balance of sensitive skin, giving it new strength, better tone, and greater elasticity. It is especially recommended for regular care of fragile or extremely dry and sensitive (atopic) skins.

Skin types

For delicate and sensitive skins.