BIOREGENE Doux Peeling Crème  is a truly magnificent exfoliating cream for nearly all types of skins. It is tolerated comfortably even by the most delicate skins. It gives a new luster to the epidermis by eliminating dead cells and stimulating the growth of fresh, vigorous, well-hydrated tissue.

BIOREGENE Doux Peeling Crème  is rich in natural extracts, vitamins, and biological factors. It harmonizes the horny layer by removing excess keratin and deep-seated impurities, thus improving the oxygenation of the skin and easing microcapillary circulation. It is a superb product for the reduction of congestion and couperose.


  • Gentle exfoliating action to renew the epidermis by removing dead cells, excess keratin, and impurities
  • Purifying and antioxidant action to neutralize the effects of pollution
  • Refines the surface of the skin and boosts it firmness
  • Softens and smoothes the skin
  • Improves the strength and vitality of the tissues


BIOREGENE Doux Peeling Crème  refines the skin and gives it a fresh, revitalized look. It may be used a couple of times a week to stimulate cell renewal and oxygenation of the skin.

Using the fingertips, apply a consistent layer of BIOREGENE Doux Peeling Crème  on the entire treatment zone with light circular motions. Let the cream rest for 10–15 minutes. Remove the mask with lukewarm water or a soft humid microfiber mitt.


For dry, very dry, and delicate skins.