Price: 65.00€

BIOREGENE Reviving Mask  is a deeply emollient mask that employs the intense hydrating power of Alpha – Hydroxy Acids to renew the vitality, flexibility, and firmness of the skin. It is especially formulated to revitalize dull, flaccid, and dehydrated skins.

In addition, it imparts a brighter and more harmonious appearance to the epidermis, which makes age spots and uneven dark patches less visible.


  • Deeply emollient and hydrating action to restore the skin’s vitality and elasticity
  • Intensifies the regeneration process of new cells and collagen fibers
  • Skin conditioning action for a more vibrant and harmonious appearance


BIOREGENE Reviving Mask  is a splendid product for many skin types ranging from mixed to dehydrated. It is particularly well suited to the needs of limp and poorly oxygenated (asphyxiated) skins, which appear opaque and dull with a coarse grayish appearance due to the buildup of dead cells in the horny layer.


For all skin types, especially recommended for dry and dehydrated skins.