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Milk for strengthening of capillaries

Active ingredients:

Haw, witch-hazel and horse-chestnut extract, camomile extract, potassium chloride, oligopeptides-5, vitamins A, C, E and B5, glycine, salicylic acid, rutin, urea, allantoin.


The gentle BIOVENAC Lait Balsamique milk is created on the basis of herbs, specially for the strengthening of capillaries and the prevention of varicosity.


The milk instantly removes the heavy legs syndrome and puffiness, promotes removal of excess liquid and hinders its stagnation in tissues. It effectively strengthens vascular walls, improves microcirculation, prevents appearance of capillary grids. The milk mitigates, humidifies and nourishes the leg skin, returns ease and comfort.


Apply it on the whole surface of legs or only from ankles to knees, with light massing movements towards thighs.