Cellular Ultra-Smoothing Plumping Serum
With stabilised cellular extracts (10%), an expert Hyaluron complex and Aloe Ferox

Glass dispenser with pipette

All skin types
From age 30

Cyto + Phyto-Cosmetics
Skincare composed of cellular and phyto complexes
Revitalising and wellness treating action


Instantly smoothing, plumping, densifying and hydrating*
Reveals an exceptional glow
Dermo-relaxing, corrects wrinkles
Plumps up the tissue, gives back volume to the skin, tones and firms cutaneous tissue
Helps prevent facial micro-contractions (Botox-like effect)
Neutralises the action of free radicals
Harmonises skin texture
Dermatologically tested

Its added value:

An exceptional anti-ageing serum: a formula packed with active ingredients, instantly smoothes the skin


Smoothed features
Remarkable radiance
Skin is replumped and bouncy
Skin is revitalised
Skin is hydrated* and supple
Smoothed wrinkles and expression lines
Visibly younger-looking skin
Tightened pores, refined skin texture



Liquid gel

Active Ingredients:

Stabilised cellular extracts (10%):
Revitalising, rebalancing

Expert Hyaluron Complex:
Very moisturising*, plumping, instant smoothing effect, restructuring, encourages cellular regeneration, forms a supportive mesh

Hyaluronic Liposomic Complex:
Very hydrating*, restores the lipid barrier, counteracts transepidermal water loss

Aloe Ferox:
Highly soothing, healing, soothes skin eruptions, smoothing and tightening effect

Phyto-Tensor Complex:
Instant smoothing effect, long-lasting firming and hydrating* effect, anti-dehydrating* filmogenic effect

Highly regenerating and healing, intensely hydrating*, antioxidant

Activates the microcirculation in the skin, provides a remarkable radiant complexion, refines the skin texture, anti-glycation effect, smoothes the skin surface, antioxidant

“Ferméclat” Peptide Complex:
Improves tissue oxygenation, reveals a brighter complexion, anti-elastase, anti-collagenase, helps reduce the effects of UV exposure to the connective tissue

Dermo-Relaxing Peptide Complex:

reduces expression lines
Efficacy Tests

* Upper layers of the epidermis


Morning and evening, throughout the year, as a complement to the Cellcosmet cellular cream best suited to your skin’s physiological age and sensitivity


For women from age 30 as an occasional treatment, several times a year or daily, depending on the skin’s needs
From age 35 as a daily treatment all year round
Suits all skin types, including sensitive skin