Hydra-Radiance BioCellulose Mask drenched in an Ultra-Hydrating* Cellular Serum
Enriched with stabilised cellular extracts (6%), Swiss Glacier Water and Alpine Phyto-Complexes

Box containing: 1 pre-cut, pre-moistened biocellulose mask for the face – Ready for use

All skin types
From age 25

Cyto + Phyto-Cosmetics
Skincare composed of cellular and phyto complexes
Revitalising and wellness treating action


Optimises the quality of cellular renewal
Intensifies skin radiance
Visibly plumps the skin and fills fine lines
Instantly smoothes
Provides instant and long-lasting hydration* to the skin
Maintains skin firmness and elasticity
Erases signs of fatigue
Soothes and relaxes the skin
Neutralizes the oxidant action of free radicals

Added Value:

The only biocellulose facial mask with an innovative three-dimensional structure, infused with a revitalising and ultra-hydrating* cellular serum
An instant radiance-revealing skincare solution that respects the identity of female skin
Dermatologically tested
Clinically proven efficacy


Intensive ultra-hydrating* programme: twice a week for a month
Throughout the year: once a week or in line with the skin’s needs


Radiant complexion
Skin is visibly hydrated*, smoothed and plumped
Wrinkles are smoothed
Skin is toned
Redness is reduced
Skin appears rested


From age 25 to intensively hydrate*
Also suitable for sensitive skin


Offering superior adhesion, thanks to the innovative three-dimensional nanostructure of the 100% pure and biodegradable biocellulose, this mask ensures optimal biocompatibility with the skin for a feeling of pure comfort

Main active ingredients:

Stabilised cellular extracts (6%): intensely revitalising and rebalancing
Premium Biocellulose Membrane: refreshes and hydrates*; excellent carrier of active ingredients
Swiss Glacier Water: detoxifying and purifying
Hydra-Plumping Complex: extreme hydration* and plumping effect
Hydrating* Complex: protects skin tissue
Kombucha: provides an instantly radiant complexion, improves skin texture
Alpine Phyto-Protect Complex: delivers an immediate sense of wellbeing and calms feelings of skin irritation
Expert Elasto-Collagen Complex: intensely hydrates* and maintains skin firmness and elasticity
Hyaluronsilanol Complex: firms and hydrates* the skin
Marine Osmoregulatory Complex: erases signs of fatigue
Organic Oat Extract: pleasantly refreshes and soothes the skin
Extract of Royal Jelly: revitalises and boosts cellular respiration