It is a simple and balanced program that has demonstrated its efficacy in field trials. It is based on four proven CELLIPEX products that encompass the richest, finest, and most effective collection of slimming and anti-cellulite ingredients.


Based on nearly 40 years of professional research and development in Switzerland, the present 5-week program is designed to achieve:

  1. Fat reduction
  2. Water reduction
  3. Stop orange-peel look
  4. Well-toned body
  5. Soft, smooth skin


Regular application of CELLIPEX 35 Days Program  according to a precise schedule ensures maximum results in the shortest possible time. As a dietary guideline during the program, we also recommend:

  • Reduction of table salt as much as possible to minimize water retention
  • Drinking of at least 1.5 liters of pure natural water per day
  • Reduction of starchy foods (especially bread) as much as possible
  • Eating a minimum of 2–3 portions of fresh fruits per day to ensure an adequate level of minerals and electrolytes in the body