CELLIPEX Silhouette Extracts  are a powder mixture of marine algae and phytobiological extracts for slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. They contain three different varieties of algae and caffeine to help improve the metabolism of fat.


  • Intense lipolytic action to boost the break-down of fat
  • Diuretic action to reduce water retention
  • Skin conditioning action


CELLIPEX Silhouette Extracts  are ideal for slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, where improved metabolism of fat is desired. They can be easily combined with creams, emulsions, and body masks to enhance their performance. CELLIPEX Silhouette Extracts  are especially recommended for use in conjunction with CELLIPEX Silhouette Masque  and CELLIPEX Masque.

For home use, CELLIPEX Silhouette Extracts  can be mixed with any of the following products for the added benefit of a slimming effect:
CELLIPEX Anti-Cellulite Emulsion  (slimming and anti-cellulite)
BIOLASTON Hydrating Emulsion  (firming and toning)
BIOVENAC Balsamic Lait  (heavy legs and varicose veins).