An outstanding anti-stress mask and cream for the face, neck, and dècolleté. CHOLLEY Masque Après Soleil  protects the skin, and it helps repair the damage and the strain caused by exposure to sun, wind, or pollution. It may be used either as an anti-stress replenishing mask or as a protective day cream.

CHOLLEY Masque Après Soleil  relieves solar irritations and soothes the capillaries to diminish redness.


  • Healing action to soothe irritations and redness
  • Protects the integrity of cell membranes and reinforces the capillaries to diminish redness
  • Anti-wrinkle and antioxidant actions
  • Emollient and hydrating action to restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin
  • Provides an excellent foundation for makeup


CHOLLEY Masque Après Soleil  is especially recommended after suntanning or skiing or any other prolonged solar exposure. It is also very beneficial in polluted environments, thanks to its protective and antioxidant properties.

To use it as a mask, apply a fairly thick layer of CHOLLEY Masque Après Soleil  on clean face, neck, and décolleté. Let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove the excess mask with a dry piece of tissue paper. Using the fingertips lightly massage the residue of the mask until it is completely absorbed.

As a hydrating and protective cream, apply only a small amount of CHOLLEY Masque Après Soleil  on clean face, neck, and décolleté with a light massage.


For damaged and stressed skins.