Price: 199.00€

Super Premium Cream with Intense Anti-Aging and Antioxidant Properties 50 ml.

Light and luxurious in texture, CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream penetrates instantly, and boosts the skin’s energy for a radiant look and swift recovery from oxidation caused by free radicals, with our exclusive IC-RAMP® Technology.
Dermatologically and clinically tested.

Discover the exclusive features of IC-RAMP® Technology


  • Accelerates epidermal regeneration for a stronger and more resilient skin;
  • Reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging;
  • Reinforces the skin’s barrier function against environmental stress and oxidation caused by free radicals;
  • Imparts a fresh, radiant look to the skin.


For best results – after a thorough cleansing of face, neck, and décolleté – following the application of CHOLLEY Phytocell Booster, use CHOLLEY Phytocell Cream to hydrate and protect the skin. Apply the cream in the morning and evening, with a light circular massage on the face and décolleté and with gentle upward strokes on the neck.


For all skin types.