Price: 95.00€

Anti-Aging and Lifting Cream for the Face and Neck 50 ml.

CHOLLEY Crème Tenseur Suractivée is an outstanding firming and hydrating cream that tightens and reinforces the skin of the face, chin, neck, and décolleté. CHOLLEY Crème Tenseur Suractivée facilitates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers through an advanced nanostructure, ECM moduline, whose action delivers superb results.


  • Boosts the production of new support fibers to tighten up the skin and make the wrinkles less visible;
  • Intense emollient action to improve the resilience and elasticity of the skin without leaving any oily trace;
  • Firming and astringent action for a firmer and more compact skin;
  • Hydrating and skin protecting action.


CHOLLEY Crème Tenseur Suractivée can be used essentially on all skin types, but it is particularly beneficial for mature and flaccid skins. For particularly dry or dehydrated skins that tend to mature faster, the use of this cream can begin as early as 30 years of age.


For all skin types.