Price: 65.00€

Hydrating and Whitening Lotion 200 ml.

An ideal lotion for whitening and hydrating the skin under stress conditions, such as exposure to environmental pollution or UV radiations. CHOLLEY Tonic Lotion is also an exceptionally reinvigorating and refreshing fluid for the face with a harmonizing astringent action. CHOLLEY Tonic Lotion can be used daily as an anti-aging product.


  • Stimulates the cell renewal process and production of new collagen fibers;
  • Hydrating and conditioning action for a firmer, softer skin;
  • Skin whitening action;
  • Decongestant, soothing, and refreshing effect.


CHOLLEY Tonic Lotion is an anti-aging product for men and women of all ages that can be used on a daily basis. It is particularly beneficial in the case of dry, tired, and dull skins to improve the metabolic processes of the connective tissue and to harmonize the appearance of the epidermis.
Apply CHOLLEY Tonic Lotion morning and evening after cleansing the skin with BIOREGENE Lait or BIOCLEAN Lait.


For all skin types.