Price: 75.00€

Cleansing lotion B-White Peptide, Lactic and azelaic acids, Canadian rose-bay, Pearl powder, Aloe


Lotion for deep cleansing and improvement of the skin.
Fills skin with recovering alphahydroxyacids and peptides cleansing pores, which provide faultless complexion, doing it lighter, clean and young.
The lotion controls oil secretion and prevents from appearance of greasy lustre.


  • Lactic and azelaic acids softly peel, add gloss to the skin and recover fat balance
  • Innovative b-white peptide blocks the formation of pigment spots and quickly evens out skin tone
  • Pearl powder saturates with minerals and strengthens the skin
  • Canadian rose-bay removes irritation and reduces fat development
  • The lotion recovers skin balance, without overdrying it, without causing sensitivity or irritation


For all skin types.
It is especially recommended for the skin inclined to ACNE, with bridged pores, pigmentation and signs of aging

Ideally balanced means for daily tonization in the morning and in the evening.