Price: 69.00€

Cleansing gel
Peptiskin peptide with of triple action, Sebacic acid, Lactic acid, Allantoin


Gentle cleansing gel, with a special seboactive formula, delicately removes surface contaminations, make-up, and at the same time it tones up the skin, creating feeling of comfort and crystal cleanness.
Provides optimum water/fat balance, calms and softens the irritated, sensitive and dry skin, gives it smoothness and freshness.


  • Lactic and sebacic acids accurately peel and recover fat balance
  • Peptiskin peptide with triple action stimulates production of collagen and does it more flexible and strong
  • Camomile, Allantoin and Cucumber extract calm, soften and have anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Does not dry, does not squeeze and does not irritate the skin


For all skin types.
Especially for the dry, sensitive, couperosic and growing old skin.

Ideally balanced means for daily cleansing in the morning and in the evening.