Volume: 100ml
Production: Switzerland

Mechanism of action

It helps to restore the elasticity and shape of the breast, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation in the decollete area. Prevents the development of wrinkles and creases during sleep.

Indications for use

Decreased elasticity of the skin of the chest and decollete, the appearance of age spots, striae, deterioration of skin tone. It is recommended to use the cream to accelerate the restoration of breast skin tone after pregnancy and lactation, as well as in case of abuse of a topless tan in the past.


It is not recommended to use for facial skin care.

Key Ingredients

The updated formula contains five times more extract of African Kigelia fruit, which is rich in unique substances that can increase the elasticity of the breast skin, reduce the severity of striae and accelerate the recovery of the skin after excessive stretching.

It has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, brightens the skin and prevents the appearance of age spots, as well as enhances microcirculation. The latest research confirms that niacinamide also has epigenetic efficacy and helps to slow down skin aging.

A complex of glycoproteins derived from natural soy bean extract restores circadian regulation in the skin, enhances the synthesis of type I collagen and helps prevent the appearance of “sleep wrinkles” and creases in the decollete area.