Skin type: For all types of skin.

Product description:

Gently lips and eyes make-up remover from Cell Fusion C effectively and delicately removes makeup from eyes and lips areas, hydrates and causes no irritation, hypoallergic. Keeps up skin pH balance.

This product causes no eye irritation and its pH level is similar to the pH level of tears.

Legumes enzymes included in the content of our product improves tone and shining of lips and eyes skin. If you are wearing contact lenses it is not a counter-indication for use. Cleansing formulations of this series with natural surface-active materials normalize the condition of your skin without damaging lipidic barrier and can be applied also after laser treatments.

Action of Gently lips and eyes make-up remover is directed to:

  • the effective cleaning of sensitive skin around eyes and lips;
  • combating dryness and improving the lock in of moisture inside cells;
  • keeping natural рН balance;
  • nourishing and moisturization of each cell, excluding the presence of oily and greasy remains, – feeling of tightened skin;
  • neutralize the inflammations of different nature;
  • improvement of cellular protective features.

Active components:

  • Lactic acid – helps to decrease the thickness of horny skin layer, makes the skin smoother and prevents occlusion of ducts of oil glands and raising of comedones, prevents skin sloughing and severely improves the colouration.
  • Castor oil – severely nourishes and softens your skin, unwrinkles, helps prevent dryness, lack of moisture, sloughing, skin roughness, irregularities and loss of stiffness of skin covering.
  • Purslane essence – tonic, wound healing, anti-toxic effect, stimulates regeneration of tissues.
  • Hyaluronic acid – important structural element of your skin. Improves keeping of moisture balance in skin cells. Moisturises and regenerates, have antiviral, antibacterial and wound healing effect. Severely evens out facial skin tone and removes dark circles under eyes.
  • Capryl glyceride – surface-active material causing no damages and inflammations, doesn’t destroy skin proteins, doesn’t interfere skin barrier, useful for sensitive skin.
  • Dry essence of acai Euterpe oleracea – mighty antioxidant and regeneration effect, nourishes your skin and prevents ageing process.
  • Japanese root essence – elm has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect, increases regeneration of skin barrier functions. Has rejuvenating effect and combats the acne eruption.
  • Centella essence – contains caffeine, increasing cellular metabolism, increasing fat splitting and release of adrenalin. This plant is a source of А, В, Е, К
  • Magnesium – antioxidant effect, normalizes vessels activity, skin cells receive additional nourishing and oxygen, visual appearance of your skin substantially improves.
  • Centella – is a mighty emollient and protective – has an effect of collagenation, making the skin smoother. Strengthens capillary vessels and veins, excitation of dermal fibroblasts and improving the blood circulation, improving the connective tissue compliance, stimulating epithelization processes, causing increased regeneration of skin cells.
  • Fig tree essence – contains A and C vitamin, pectin, sugars and polysaccharoses. Regenerates, moisturises and softens your skin, prevents sloughing of skin, improves colouration, smooths signs of early ageing, decreases mimic wrinkles and skin creases. Activates skin regeneration processes, stimulates microcirculation and improves cellular respiration.
  • Fermented soy essence – vibrant moisture-keeping effect, protects from negative environmental effects, unwrinkles. Moreover, it is a source of isoflavones, which helps to protect skin from hormonal ageing.

Method of application:

Apply product on the cotton pad and remove makeup from eyes and lips with smooth circular movements without rubbing the skin. Leaves no greasy remains, not necessary to wash away.


After application of Gentle Lip and Eye Make-up Remover from Cell Fusion C your skin is clear and moisturized. Causes no irritation.

Effective cleaning of eyes and lips zone even from water-resistant makeup without irritation; care of lashes, skin health improvement.