An active concentrated product for instant and long-lasting hydration. Thanks to the 11 moisturizing active ingredients included in the composition on a natural basis, it is integrated into the natural system of maintaining hydration. Without perfumes. Increases the efficiency of subsequent use of products from the Hydramemory system. The skin becomes moisturized and radiant. 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin.


Light as a tonic, effective as a serum! Helps the skin to restore water balance. The natural ingredients included in the composition contribute to the launch of the “double hydration” mechanism: on the one hand, reducing the evaporation of water from the skin, and on the other hand, optimizing the transport of water in the skin.



A complex of substances that complement the natural moisturizing factor of the skin:

PYRROLIDONE CARBOXYLIC ACID, SODIUM LACTATE, FRUCTOSE, GLYCINE, NIACINAMIDE (VITAMIN PP), UREA, INOSITOL – retains moisture in the skin, maintaining a high level of hydration, improves metabolic processes and cellular respiration, improves the absorption of ingredients from aftercare products.

POLYSACCHARIDES FROM TAMARIND SEEDS – plants from Southeast Asia – provide an intense moisturizing effect similar to the action of hyaluronic acid.

COMPLEX OF ACTIVE MOLECULES FROM NATURAL EXTRACTS OF APPLE, LENTIL AND WATERMELON PEEL provide a double moisturizing effect: – restore the barrier properties of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of filaggrin protein, – improve the transport of water in the cells of the epidermis, stimulating the synthesis of proteins aquaporins – “water channels” of the skin.


Apply with palms in the morning and evening on pre-cleansed skin, gently applying movements until completely absorbed. Then apply the serum.


The tool is universal. The essence is ideal for eliminating and preventing moisture loss for the skin of men and women of any age, with any skin type, under any climatic conditions, in combination with any care. Can be used alone or mixed with facial oil to create a light nourishing texture.