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Multivitaminic Sebo-Balance Lotion for Mixed, Impure and Oily Skins 200 ml.

A highly effective purifying tonic for oily and impure skins that soothes irritation and swellings caused by pimples and blemishes. The intense astringent action of BIOCLEAN® Lotion helps tighten the dilated pores for a smoother and more harmonious appearance. Its profound hydrating action leaves the skin pleasantly refreshed, soft, and supple.


  • Intense purifying action to reduce bacteria, germs, and other oxidants;
  • Astringent action to tighten dilated pores;
  • Normalizing action on sebum production and secretion;
  • Hydrating and emollient action for a refreshed, smooth, and supple skin;
  • Soothing action to calm irritations, swellings, and redness.


BIOCLEAN Lotion is used after BIOCLEAN Lait. The combination of the two products provides a complete cleansing program for home and institute.

In both home and professional treatments, BIOCLEAN Lotion prepares the ground for the application of peeling and other therapeutic products. It is also used to disinfect the skin after the extraction of blackheads and comedones.

BIOCLEAN Lotion is best suited for oily and impure skins to protect and restore the optimal pH level.


For mixed, impure, and oily skins.