Tonic Body Gel

Active ingredients:

Eco-Chlorella®, OLIGOMER®, alga undaria digitata extract


Light, exquisite, elegant. It covers the body with a distinguished veil, the skin feels fresh, how after immersion in an ocean.
Intensively moisturizes, tones up, saturates with minerals, mitigates, increases elasticity of the skin.

Gives the skin unique freshness. Has an antistress effect on skin cells.


The innovative patented Eco-Chlorella component enriched with peptides and amino acids slows down the biological ageing processes in the skin, which is shown in its loss of tone, resilience and elasticity: in particular, it neutralizes the activity of the enzymes destroying collagen and elastin fibers. Has a mineralizing and revitalizing effect on the skin.

Method of application:

Apply it in the morning and evening with circular massage movements on the body skin, paying attention to problem zones.