Price: 130.00€

Enriched intensive lift cream with strong moisturizing effect
Complex of Syn-ake peptides, Dermapep 350, Idealift, Serilesine, Pineapple ceramides, Hyaluronic acid, Shea, Chilean boldo tree


The superenriched concentrate to add elasticity, tone and lift to the skin on the basis of neuro- and aminopeptides, proteins and high-concentrated plant extracts.
Instantly gives the feeling of tightening, elasticity, moisture and smoothness to exhausted, dehydrated and atonic skin.
Recovers barrier functions and removes sensitivity.
Prevents the formation of mimic wrinkles.
Increases resistibility of the skin to deformation (sagging, folds) and tones it up.
Prevents appearance of pigmentation and fights against the existing pigmentation.
It is quickly absorbed, does not create feeling of heaviness and stickiness


  • Chilean boldo tree, bearberry and vitamin C have antioxidant effect and clarify pigment spots
  • Innovative Idealift peptide intensively tightens, stimulates firming, strengthening and organisation of elastin.
  • Pineapple ceramides increase speed of skin cell renewal, promote moisturizing and provide the protective function
  • Dermapep A350 peptide reduces wrinkles and improves complexion


For all skin types. It is especially recommended for the dehydrated, dry, sensitive and growing old skin.