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Cleanser with absorption and detoxication effect
Cleansing antimicrobic Granactive Acne peptide


Means for deep skin cleansing with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging action.
Eliminates contaminations and prevents appearance of inflammatory elements, prevents premature aging and fights against signs of aging, maintains cleanness of the skin, decrease visible pores and evens out complexion.


  • Salicylic and mandelic acids softly peel and increase speed of skin cell renewal.
  • Tea tree oil, bentonite and kaolin reduce ACNE bacteria count and eliminate contamination, evening out complexion and reducing inflammation
  • Cleansing antimicrobic Granactiv Acne causes disastrous imbalance in ACNE bacteria, neutralizing inflammation and reddening


For all skin types.
Especially for the skin inclined to ACNE, with dirty bridged pores, for the growing old skin


Pregnancy, breast-feeding, allergy to aspirin or nuts

Ideally balanced means for daily cleansing in the morning and in the evening.