Moisturizing fluid 2 in 1: soothing aftershave and daily care for the face and neck. The light, gentle formula provides deep hydration throughout the day without feeling heavy and oily after application.The delicate fragrance gives a feeling of vivacity on the skin.

  • 93% natural ingredients.
  • Without silicones.
  • Without artificial flavors.


Longevity ™ Complex – organic extracts of superfoods and high-tech molecules, against stress and factors that accelerate aging:

  • Wild indigo reduces cortisol levels, increases beta-endorphins.
  • Maca berries neutralize free radicals, spinach is against protein glycation and for proper DNA methylation, carnosine acts against glycation.
  • Tasmanian pepper extract is a natural ingredient from Australia. Berries contain anti-inflammatory components that help soothe the skin during shaving. The extract is also rich in anthocyanins – an antioxidant effect, and vitamin K – strengthens capillaries.

    Arginine and squalane deeply and permanently moisturize, maintain the balance of the skin.

  • Babassu oil softens and moisturizes, provides protection and comfort.
  • A natural aromatic mixture of four essential oils – juniper, copahu,
    rosewood and cedar tones and harmonizes emotions.


To moisturize: apply a thin layer of fluid and massage until completely absorbed. After shaving: apply with careful movements to the face, paying
special attention to the aftershave area.


For all skin types, ideal for oily and combination.


The tool is unisex. A mild moisturizer for all skin types.