Aromatherapy concentrate for the harmonization of the psycho-emotional state. it lifts the mood, helps to calm down and relieve excess fatigue.

  • 98% natural ingredients.
  • Without silicones.
  • pH 5-6.


Juniper is an effective neuro–tonic (tonic) remedy that can help in cases of stress, anxiety and general fatigue. The aroma is smooth, tart, slightly spicy. It dispels negative emotions, such as feelings of helplessness, loneliness, sadness and guilt.

Kopahu – has a delicious aroma, sweet and reminiscent of warm honey. It lifts the mood and relieves anxiety and stress. Rosewood (rosewood) with a delicate and delicate fragrance, reminiscent of floral, helps to fight depression, calms the mind, fills with a sense of happiness and gives strength.

Cedar – calms the spirit and relieves nervous tension. Energizing cedar essential oil is extremely useful in case of anxiety. It tones and strengthens the body and mind.


Apply with a roller on the wrists, neck or behind the ear as perfume. Inhale the fragrance after application. Use as needed, can be kept in your purse.


For all skin types.


It can be used at any time as a perfume and as a method of aromatherapy.