Price: 79.00€

Skin moisturizing and tone correcting cream with SPF 30
Water-retaining Asebiol LS peptide, Color spheres, Acai, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Tormentil, Niacinamide


Supercomfortable sunblock cream with triple action.
Provides UVA and UVB radiation protection by physical filters and plant-based components.
Special color spheres individually adapt to skin color, mask shortcomings and do skin tone more even.
Cream is quickly absorbed, does not create white spots on skin and feeling of heaviness. Non-comedogenic, does not bridge skin pores.


  • It effectively protects skin against the irritation and reddening caused by UF radiation, accelerates damage healing processes and calms.
  • Maintains an optimum level of moisture content and skin nutrition.
  • Exotic extracts of Kaempferia galanga and palm tree Acai berries absorb UF radiation, provide powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.


For any type of skin.
It is especially recommended for pigmented skin and skin inclined to inflammatory reactions.