Price: 175.00€

Serum soothing and reducing reddening for the couperosic skin
Peptides soothing and reducing reddening: Telangin, Neutrazen, Diffuporine, Plant stem cells of Globularia cordifolia, Hyaluronic acid


The soothing emulsion serum the composition of which includes the latest, reducing skin irritation peptides and plant stem cells reducing appearance of visible reddening, helping to calm sensitive and couperosic skin.
Serum reduces signs of aging, strengthens the skin, recovers hydration and promotes strong recovery after active rejuvenation procedures (peeling, polishing, injections, laser)


  • Complex of innovative Telangyn, Neutrazen and Diffuporine peptides reduces reddening, intensity of couperosis, calms the skin, prevents appearance of pigmentation, and deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Plant stem cells from Globularia cordifolia promote evening out skin tone, minimize redness and increase natural shine of the skin, reduce the content of aging and microinflammation agents, recovering the own defence system of the skin.
  • Arnica and bilberry strengthen vessels, calm the skin and remove reddening.
  • Shea butter and hyaluronic acid provide an optimum skin moisturizing level.


For all skin types.
Especially for the sensitive, dry, reactive and growing old skin.
After procedures of hardware rejuvenation or waxing.