The fast-absorbing concentrate is easy to apply and leaves no traces. A cocktail of herbal active ingredients – Common blackhead and comb Celosia, has an effective firming effect on delicate areas of the skin of the chest and the inner surface of the hands. The skin becomes firmer, smoother and more elastic. For all skin types with sagging tissues, loss of tone and elasticity, decreased elasticity. The ideal solution for restoring skin elasticity after breastfeeding or intensive weight loss programs.



+16% collagen synthesis* *Tests in independent laboratories in vitro on fibroblasts 85% of respondents report a tonic effect**

**International Commission on Testing in 33 Women Using 1 time per week for 4 weeks


BOTANICAL EXTRACT, consisting of extracts of the flowering tops of the common blackhead and Celosia comb, has a strengthening effect. Thanks to its dual effect on adipocytes and optimization of microcirculation, it helps to increase tone and restore tissue density.

HESPERIDIA is one of the flavonoids characteristic of citrus fruits, and serves to maintain vital activity and normal permeability of the capillary wall, is widely used to get rid of edema.