Non-contact gas-liquid skin treatment combines cleansing, moisturizing, peeling and lymphatic drainage in one procedure, and the selection of serums allows to solve a variety of therapeutic and cosmetological problems point-by-point

About the treatment

Gas-liquid facial peeling is a non-contact apparatus therapeutic treatment designed to delicately cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the skin with the help of a jet consisting of oxygen, a nourishing solution based on hyaluronic acid and serum, which is saturated with various vitamins, antioxidants, microelements and medicines.

Advantages of gas-liquid facial peeling

    • Without pain

Transdermal technology, which provides excellent results non-invasively, without needles, discomfort, burns.

    • Without rehabilitation

Gas-liquid peeling has no side effects, so you can immediately return to your daily routine. Recovery time and additional care is not required.

    • Effectiveness

The skin after the treatment looks fresh, taut, and the massage effect improves blood circulation.

    • Eye area

The treatment is well tolerated on sensitive areas of the skin around the eyes.

    • Hygiene and safety

The treatment is performed without skin contact, so there is no risk of contracting infectious diseases.

    • Point impact

Special nozzles allow you to direct the gas-liquid flow even to the most inaccessible areas. In addition, depending on the degree of the problem, the force of the flow can be adjusted.

    • Quick visible result

With fast transdermal delivery, the effects of the treatment are visible immediately, for immediate results and an instant look of fresh, youthful and rejuvenated skin.

    • Confidence and beauty

With this treatment, specialists in the aesthetic field will help you
always look confident and attractive.

    • Versatility

Suitable for all skin types.

    • All-season

The procedure is all-season. The time of year does not matter for gas-liquid peeling.

Transdermal delivery of drugs or nutrients is based on the penetration of the active pharmaceutical ingredient through the intact skin, its further entry into the systemic bloodstream and, further, to the target organ.

Principle of action of gas-liquid peeling

Gas-liquid peeling is carried out with the help of a special apparatus, which processes the upper layer of the dermis. Treatment of this layer is carried out by impacting the skin with a supersonic two-phase flow. One of the phases is gas (oxygen), and the second is liquid (nutrient solution based on hyaluronic acid or serum). A special applicator disperses the nutrient solution, mixes it with oxygen, and accelerates this mixture to a super-high speed of 200-300 m/s at a pressure of 8 atmospheres.

The resulting jet is first cooled and then applied to the skin under high pressure. Such a reactive finely dispersed mixture allows to removal of the keratinized epidermis layer by layer, simultaneously saturating the tissues with oxygen and moisture.

In the process of gas-liquid peeling, as a result of pressure on the skin, a small depression is formed (the flow provides a massage effect), as a result of this, blood circulation improves and rejuvenation processes are started.

The complex effect of the treatment leads to the fact that fine wrinkles literally disappear, and deep wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, in addition, pigment spots are removed.

Treatment with a finely dispersed gas-liquid mixture acts as lymphatic drainage and allows to removal of excess fluid from the deep subcutaneous layers, that is, to reduce puffiness, as well as activate metabolic processes in tissues. As a result, there is a persistent lifting effect, the skin looks tighter and younger.

Gas-liquid peeling has a positive effect on the skin with acne (with inflammation, other types of peeling are contraindicated).

Treatment of the epidermis with this method can significantly reduce inflammation. Firstly, the very cause of acne is eliminated (blockage of sebaceous glands), and secondly, already existing inflamed areas heal faster, as oxygen has a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Indications for gas-liquid facial peeling

  • Facial puffiness, bags under the eyes.
  • Reduction of elasticity, and hydration of the skin.
  • Reduced facial muscle tone.
  • Unhealthy color (tired skin).
  • Wrinkles (fine-wrinkled type of aging).
  • Ptosis (gravitational type of aging).
  • Increased fat content of the skin (enlarged pores).
  • Acne, post-acne (scars, uneven skin).
  • Striae (stretch marks) and fibrosis.
  • Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.
  • Dry skin, violation of the barrier properties of the skin (peeling).
  • Skin recovery after apparatus treatment (laser resurfacing, SMAS-lifting), chemical peels, plastic surgeries, and injection techniques (tredlifting).

Applications of gas-liquid peeling

This method can be used not only for gas-liquid peeling of the face, but also for other parts of the body.

    • Beard care for men

Gas-liquid peeling of the beard provides gentle exfoliation, cleans the funnel of sebaceous hair follicles, deeply moisturises, has a seboregulating effect, and stimulates hair growth.

    • Scalp care

Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp, which allows you to solve the following problems:

Hair loss or poor growth.
Seborrhea of the scalp.
Inflammatory processes on the scalp.

You can read more about the scalp gas-liquid peeling procedure here by clicking on the link….

Contraindications to the use of gas-liquid peeling

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Oncology.
  • ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection), infectious diseases.
  • High body temperature.
  • Pinched nerves and any neurological disorders.
  • Chronic dermatological diseases in the stage of exacerbation (herpes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis).
  • Cold allergy.
  • Deviations in the psyche and behavior (psychopathy).
  • Epilepsy.
  • Injured skin in the area of the intended impact.
  • The presence of permanent fillers (biodegradable material) in the area of exposure.
  • Somatic diseases in the decompensation stage (heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, nephritis, bronchial asthma, etc.).

Products that are used in the procedure of gas-liquid facial peeling

    • Nutrient solution based on hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid hydrolysate, which is part of the nutrient solution, activates the synthesis of its own collagen. Sodium hyaluronate provides powerful hydration and promotes regeneration of the epidermis. Squalane and ceramide NP prevent moisture loss and increase the barrier properties of the skin.

    • Therapeutic serums

Anti-wrinkle serum with Argireline 15% .
Reduces the intensity of the contraction of expression muscles.
It has an accumulative effect.
It has a positive effect on skin cell function.
As a result – smoothing and slowing down the signs of skin aging.

Lifting serum with DMAE and hyaluronic acid (lifting and moisturizing).
Serum for the correction of age-related changes.
Has a lifting effect.
Reduces the depth of facial wrinkles.
It has a moisturizing and structuring effect.
Stimulates cellular respiration processes and neutralizes free radicals.

Brightening serum
An effective complex for skin lightening and prevention of hyperpigmentation.
Improves collagen synthesis.
Brightens areas with hyperpigmentation.
Reduces inflammation.
Contains niacinamide and azelamide (azelaic acid derivative).

Serum for sensitive skin
A serum to reduce skin reactivity and sensitivity.
Reduces skin reactivity and sensitivity.
Strengthens the vascular wall.
It has a calming effect.
Restores the moisture level in the skin.

Serum for hair and scalp
Serum to activate hair growth in case of hair thinning and to prevent hair loss.
Stimulation of hair growth by activating hair follicles.
Prevention of premature hair loss.
Activation of blood supply to the scalp.

The procedure is supplemented with therapeutic serums. The cosmetologist selects them individually for each client.

Course of treatments

To refresh the skin, one treatment is enough as an express method to prepare the skin for going out to an event.

To achieve long-term results and in the treatment of neglected problems, a course of gas-liquid peeling is prescribed from 3 treatments (1-2 per week).

Dermatologists recommend repeating the course 2 times a year to keep the skin in a well-groomed condition and help natural regeneration processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. The method of action on the skin
  • Gas-liquid peeling, unlike ultrasound peeling, is a non-contact treatment, which significantly reduces the risk of damaging the client’s skin. Gas-liquid peeling allows more gently, layer by layer and thoroughly exfoliate / peel the skin, removing dead cells.

    The pressure and distance to the surface of the skin during the treatment can be adjusted on the gas-liquid peeling apparatus, allowing it to work on different skin types and areas.

  • 2. Skin moisturization
  • Carrying out the peeling procedure on a nutritious solution with hyaluronic acid, in addition to cleansing the skin, it is saturated with nutrients, resulting in:

    deep moisturising and nourishing of the skin,
    lifting the oval of the face,
    skin colour and microrelief is smoothed,
    activates the production of collagen,
    there is oxygenation of epidermal cells,
    strengthens the frame of the skin.

    Ultrasonic peeling is still intended for cleaning and does not have such a complex effect.

  • 3. More treatments provided
  • On the gas-liquid peeling apparatus, in addition to peeling and skin cleansing, lymphatic drainage and 3D-massage are performed, which smoothes fine wrinkles and works on the scalp and beard for men.

    Also the combination of gas-liquid peeling with other apparatus, injection techniques, peels and other treatments allows to achieve maximum results.

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