New facets of skin bioregeneration in the field of rejuvenation with SuneKos (Italy)

SuneKos will emphasize your natural data and improve the quality of your skin without waxing and global facial changes by stimulating the natural functions of the body.

SuneKos is the new gold standard for:

  • Treatment and prevention of aging and elastosis (atrophy) of the skin
  • Reduction of facial, deep and fine wrinkles
  • Face Oval correction

About SuneKos

SuneKos is a unique combination of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a cluster of 6 amino acids, which acts directly on fibroblasts and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and regeneration of the extracellular matrix, that is, the cellular environment. Due to its composition, the SuneKos is especially effective in the treatment of skin aging and many skin diseases.

Formulation of SuneKos

The formula contains the following amino acids: glycine, L-proline, L-leucine, L-lysine, L-valine and L-alanine.

Amino acids directly affect fibroblasts, activating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Thus, this formula helps to achieve the bioregeneration of the extracellular matrix – the natural rejuvenation of the skin.

Bioregeneration of the extracellular matrix is the latest technique to restore and stimulate the skin by producing its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are proteins of human connective tissue that provide the skin with strength, elasticity and firmness.

The mechanism of action of SuneKos

  • Increased fibroblast synthesis (collagen and elastin production)
  • Activation of epidermal cell growth factor
  • Fights free radicals
  • Decrease in collagen- and elastin-destroying proteinases*

* Proteases are enzymes from the class of hydrolases that cleave the peptide bond between amino acids in proteins.

15 years of clinical trials in aesthetic medicine confirm the above data.

Advantages of the SuneKos procedure

  • SuneKos – used to fight and prevent signs of ageing
  • SuneKos – provides a natural result, which allows you to prescribe the product to patients of different age groups and with different skin conditions.
  • By combining SuneKos with other treatments, you can get the maximum result in working with chrono- and photo-aging of the skin, acne, post-acne, rosacea and pigmentation.
  • SuneKos is an excellent choice in favor of healthy and natural rejuvenation, for patients who do not want to use fillers.
  • The absence of papules after the injection of SuneKos, which allows you to continue an active social life without the slightest discomfort.

Effects of SuneKos

  • Bioregeneration (rejuvenating effect)
  • Biorevolumetric effect (correction of facial volume)
  • Improvement of metabolic processes in the epidermis
  • Improvement of skin texture and elasticity
  • Reduction of skin flabbiness
  • Deep hydration of the skin
  • Correction of the oval face
  • Correction of fine, deep and facial wrinkles
  • Correction of scars and fresh striae
  • Prevention of elastase (skin atrophy)
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Thickened, radiant and smooth skin

Indications for bioregeneration with Sunekos

  • Fine, facial and deep wrinkles
  • Flabbiness, sagging of the skin and prevention
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Gravitational ptosis of the face
  • Post-acne, scars, striae
  • Pigmentation
  • Dark circes under the eyes
  • Dry, dehydrated skin

Area of application SuneKos

  • Periorbital area (around the eyes)
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Arms

SuneKos products

Depending on the severity of wrinkles and volume loss, there are two formulations available:
SuneKos 200 for milder wrinkles and volume loss
Sunekos 1200 for more severe wrinkles and volume loss.

SuneKos 200 is a basic injectable product for skin rejuvenation and treatment.

    It is effective in the periorbital area around the eyes, to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as in the forehead area.

It is used in treatment protocols from the age of 30.



SuneKos 1200 is a powerful antioxidant.
In therapy, it is used as the booster SuneKos 200 to improve the result of the procedure.

Used for:

  • Correction of deep wrinkles
  • Damaged skin
  • Correction of facial volume
  • Gravitational ptosis

The advantage of combining SuneKos 200 and SuneKos 1200

SuneKos 1200, combined with Sunekos 200, creates an invisible ” frame ” to contour the face, smoothing nasolabial folds, nasolacrimal furrows.


Contraindications to the use of SuneKos

  • Inflammatory process in intended injection sites
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Pregnancy, lactation
  • Taking anticoagulants (blood thinners)
  • Tendency to form keloid scars
  • Hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • Herpetic infection in the exacerbation phase

How to go through the treatment

Hyaluronic acid and the amino acid cluster are in different vials, which allows them to be mixed immediately before the treatment. This ensures high efficiency and safety of the SuneKos injected into the skin.

SuneKos is hypoallergenic, with its use side effects are minimal.
Improvements can be noticed immediately after the first procedure.

Course of procedures:

The course consists of 3-5 procedures. The procedure is performed 1 time every first procedures.2 weeks.
The course is repeated 1-2 times a year, depending on the indications.

The number of procedures and the duration of the course depends on the age and condition of the patient’s skin.


Factors affecting the destruction of collagen and elastin

After 30 years, these fibers inevitably begin the process of degradation

Ultraviolet radiation
The sun destroys elastin and collagen fibers, significantly accelerating skin aging

In smokers, the synthesis of connective tissue proteins is reduced and the number of destructive proteinases is increased.

About the company

SuneKos is an injectable brand of the Italian pharmaceutical company GMP, specializing in the production of drugs based on amino acids.

SuneKos laboratories is an aesthetic division of an Italian research institute specializing in amino acid-based formulas for medical use.

SuneKos laboratories, thanks to the constant exchange of experience with the scientific community, are the place where SuneKos injectable drugs are born and developed.
Our research and development focuses on the use of amino acid biodiversity and synergy with hyaluronic acid to restore skin health and physiological balance.


Dr. Ghislane Beilin is a specialist in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine with 39 years of experience, Vice President of the French National Society of Aesthetic Physicians (SNME), honorary member of the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, expert and speaker of international congresses of aesthetic medicine.

physician [fɪˈzɪʃn] сущ – врач медик

Why did you start using SuneKos in your practice?

Ghislaine Beilin:
Because regenerative medicine is a new round of evolution. In this case, we are talking about the restoration of dermal tissues. This is a completely new approach that provides natural skin rejuvenation. Amino acids can be used both to fight the signs of aging and to prevent their appearance in young girls.

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Bioregeneration of the skin with SuneKos

Bioregeneration of the skin with SuneKos 200 (2.5ml)
220.00 €
Bioregeneration of the skin with SuneKos 1200 (3ml)
270.00 €
Bioregeneration of the skin with SuneKos 200 + SuneKos 1200 (5.5ml)
400.00 €

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