The aromatherapy is the art of treatment and health promotion having ancient traditions, which uses the essential oils made of aromatic herbs and parts of trees to achieve well-being of man’s body and soul. The aromatherapy has property and ability to favor relaxation, causing pleasure and content at the same time. The most significant property of the essential oils is to promote natural ability of the organism to recovery.

The aromatherapy massage is part of the aromatherapy the effectiveness of which is in applying essential oils on skin by massage. Using special massage methods, which weaken and at the same time bring toxins out of the organism, the essential oils mixed with basis oil are brought into skin. Being absorbed through skin into the blood circulation and lymph flow, the essential oils reach the whole organism and start balancing the whole body. At the same time, the organism also assimilates the essential oils through respiratory tracts – through the nose into lungs, and from there – to the whole organism.

After the aromatherapy massage, there is an after-effect of the oils during which the organism is revitalized, cleaned and the tissues regenerate.

The essential oils are mixed before applying them on skin with a basis oil. The basis oils include a lot of compounds good for man’s skin, which nourish, mitigate and rejuvenate skin.

By the aromatherapy massage, it is possible to relax, help the improvement of skin and the whole organism. The aromatherapy massage is also suitable for prevention of illness or recovery after them.

During the session, each person receive an individual approach – the client’s state of health and mind is cleared up, and suitable essential oils are selected on this basis.


  • It relaxes painful and tense muscles
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Fortifies the immune system
  • Helps with reduction of cellulite and scars
  • Acting soothingly, bracing, improving the central nervous system
  • Balances hormonal fluctuations
  • Activates lymph flow, blood circulation
  • Balances fluctuations of arterial pressure
  • Promotes liquid removal
  • Relieves from headaches
  • Relieves from problems with appetite (excessive appetite or its absence)
  • Helps removal of residual substances from the organism


  • Serious illness of heart and kidneys
  • Malignant processes
  • Heavy inflammatory processes
  • First 5 months of pregnancy
  • Infectious diseases, haemophilia
  • Increased or decreased function of thyroid gland
  • Higher temperature, fasting period
  • Less than 6 weeks after an operation
  • Mental diseases, epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Menstruation (especially the first 3 days)
  • Alcoholic intoxication (aromatic massage is not performed 24 hours before alcohol intake)
  • After the use of citrus essential oils, it is necessary to avoid strong UF radiation (sun and solarium) for 12 hours

Local contraindications:

  • Edemata, bone fractures, burns, ulceration
  • In case of varicose veins, gentle and surface massage methods are used

In case of often allergies and especially sensitive skin, a skin test is performed. If within 24 hours there is no allergic reaction, at the next session it is possible to do massage with the selected oils.


To drink fresh and clean water before massage, as well as to help the body to bring residual substances out of the organism on the next days

  • To be in the fresh air much time
  • To balance physical and mental load
  • To eat in a healthy way
  • To avoid strong physical strain before massage

Don’t come to massage hungry or overeaten


The essential oil applied on skin has an after-effect, and therefore it is recommended not to wash after the massage at least for 6-8 hours.

During a course of antibiotics, it is not recommended to do the aromatherapy massage.


Duration of aromatherapy general massage – 50 minutes.

At the first session, it is necessary to have in addition up to 30 minutes during which the client’s desires or problems are cleared up and the oils are selected.

The aromatherapy massage can be performed as courses, at least 7-8 times are recommended. The frequency of the courses of massage depends on the problem and the client’s possibilities. The sessions can be in one or two days, for example, once/twice a week. The course can also be performed every day; in this case the massage influence is more intensive.


Honey Based Procedures

Honey body massage
60 min.
60.00 €
Anti-cellulite massage + peeling + honey
60 min.
60.00 €
Anti-cellulite massage + peeling + honey
80 min.
80.00 €
Relaxing massage + honey body wrap
60 min.
60.00 €
The course of the from 4 treatments - 15%

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage
60 min.
70.00 €
The course of the from 4 treatments - 15%

AppointmentAromatherapy massage