The ThermaVein™ RF eraser is a trend to remove vessels

The ThermaVein™ RF eraser is the safest and most effective method among all the known methods to treat vascular pathologies


The ThermaVein™ RF eraser performs the instant, safe and effective removal of teleangiectasias on the face:

  • Vascular spiders
  • Couperosis
  • Venous lakes
  • Vascular nevi
  • Rosacea
  • Papillomas

The radiofrequency coagulation is not traumatic, has no side effects (burns, pigmentation, scars), does not create “purple spots”.

About the ThermaVein™ RF eraser:


The apparatus was developed in cooperation with professor Brian Newman, M.D., from Great Britain, who was the pioneer of the method called “thermocoagulation.” This method is not Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Laser, which do not always give stable results and which have a number of unpleasant side effects.

The firm confidence that the patented ThermaVein™ technology is the safest and most effective method among all the known methods to treat vascular pathologies is based on clinical trials and 15 years’ experience of use in medicine.

Thousands of successfully performed procedures around the world. The uniqueness of the method has been confirmed by famous international experts in the field of medicine.

Principle of operation of the ThermaVein™ RF eraser:


The principle of operation of the ThermaVein™ RF eraser: the radiofrequency coagulation is usually performed for 1 to 4 sessions of 1 to 15 minutes.
The procedure is slightly painful, but does not require local anesthesia.

A radio frequency / RF  impulse is delivered to a vessel through a disposable sterile isolated electrode. Heat instantly impacts on the vessel, without injuring the skin and adjacent tissues, and the capillary just disappears. The result is visible already during the procedure.

Benefits of the ThermaVein™ RF eraser:

  • It is the unique and safest procedure to remove vessels.
  • The impulse influences only the selected vessel, without burning or damaging adjacent sections of the skin.
  • It does not cause allergic reactions or negative consequences.
  • Radiofrequency coagulation allows to achieve brilliant results when removing various vascular defects.
  • The duration of the procedure is determined individually and depends on the state of the skin, the size and quantity of vascular spiders.
  • Suitable for all seasons (there is no restriction on being in the sun).
  • Suitable for any skin type and color.
  • There are no age restrictions, suitable even for children.

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The procedure to removal capillaries usually takes no more than 15 minutes, after which the patient in most cases sees the immediate removal of problem vessels.

Spider veins, burst blood vessels, capillary vessels, teleangiectasia on the face and body, spider line of vessels, enlarged vessels on the nose, venous lakes, couperosis, small spider veins on legs or feet and other problems connected with a visible capillary reticulum of up to 0.5 mm thick.

It takes from 1 to 4 sessions to remove sufficiently enlarged capillaries. One or two procedures are sufficient to remove small vessels.
A repeat session is prescribed 8 weeks after the procedure.

The result is visible immediately, you can make sure in it by watching the video with the use of ThermaVein™ and the photos before and after the RF eraser. The result cardinally differs from alternative methods, after which it is visible only in 6-8 weeks.

During the session to remove teleangiectasia, we remove a visible part of this defect, and they don’t come back again in the vast majority of cases. It is important to understand that with the lapse of time, if not to reveal the reason of the capillary reticulum, it can arise in other places. The use of the RF eraser for vascular spiders is a cosmetology procedure, and its successful performance doesn’t protect against occurrence of new vascular formations. In our Clinic, you will get professional advice on care of your skin and the prevention of relapses.

Thousands of vessel removal procedures with the use of ThermaVein™ have been performed and no side effects were registered. Other treatment methods require from the patient of serious protection against the solar UVA and UVB radiation since they burn the skin and do it thinner and very sensitive to the sun, the refusal of taking some medical preparations, and also have a risk of burns, scars and skin pigmentation in case of incorrectly selected pulse power, which never occurs if the RF eraser is used.

After the procedure, insignificant swelling, as from a mosquito bite, and reddening can be observed on the treated part of the skin, which disappear without assistance within 2–3 hours. In several hours the sealed vessel can redden, on the second day small micro-scabs (micro-scratches) can be formed on the skin surface, which disappear in a month on the average. In 6–8 weeks (sometimes up to 4 months), the sealed vessel is absorbed and disappears forever. To increase the recovery rate, we recommend using the Panthenol spray or a cream containing vitamins E, C, K complex, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe vera.

It is strictly forbidden to do the procedure for pregnant women, people having epilepsy, patients with pacemakers or passing chemotherapy. In addition, the treatment isn’t recommended for people with recently received artificial tan with the use of cosmetics (creams, gels).

The degree of painfulness depends on the individual pain threshold of each customer. Sensation from one pulse is less painful than epilation of one hair. After the vessel removal procedure, there is no discomfort unlike alternative methods: Laser and IPL. The practice shows that there is no need for the use of anesthetics before the session.

Two independent extended clinical trials of this technology were carried out. The results confirmed complete safety and effectiveness of the method.

A radio-frequency (4 MHz) pulse is transferred to the tip of the disposable isolated electrode of 0.075 mm thick for 0.2 s, which leads to the sealing of vascular walls forever. The pulse affects the zone within a radius of 1.5 mm from the electrode tip, which ensures very exact effect on the selected vessel.

We recommend using the Aloe Vera, Bepanten or Panthenol cream.

Our doctors who were trained will quickly and effectively perform: removal of capillaries, removal of vessels, removal of vascular spiders, removal of couperosis, removal of vessels on the face, removal of enlarged capillaries on legs and feet, removal of spider veins, removal of enlarged vessels, removal of venous lakes, removal of vascular nevi.


Radiofrequency Coagulation of Vessels with ThermaVein™ (Great Britain)

Consultation by the doctor including 10 impulsus
50.00 €
Radiofrequency coagulation of vessels from
30.00 €
Removal of papillomas from
30.00 €
One vessel coagulation procedure + one IPL photo rejuvenation procedures (nose + cheeks)
170.00 €
One vessel coagulation procedure + two IPL photorejuvenation procedures (nose + cheeks)
220.00 €
One vessel coagulation procedure + three IPL photorejuvenation procedures (nose + cheeks)
300.00 €
Two vessel coagulation procedure + two IPL photorejuvenation procedures (nose + cheeks)
320.00 €
Two vessel coagulation procedure + three IPL photorejuvenation procedures (nose + cheeks)
390.00 €

AppointmentRadiofrequency Coagulation of Vessels with ThermaVein™ (Great Britain).