Beauty DNA Test – To Preserve the Beauty of your Skin and Hair

Genes are the key to the secrets of beauty and youth.
Learn about the body’s hereditary potential to change your lifestyle and choose effective face, body and hair care methods.

Diagnostics – 34 genes.

Personal skin and hair care system to preserve beauty and youth.


Mechanical properties of the skin, glycation, hydration and protection against drying, photoaging, antioxidant protection, skin inflammation, hair condition.

You get:

Identification of skin features and anti-age program. Diagnosis of the internal characteristics of the skin and the prevention of premature aging.

Prevention of hair loss. Prediction of diffuse and androgenic alopecia due to the identification of genetic predisposition.

Do general recommendations fail to work?

Hundreds of jars with creams, injections and even surgical intervention. In the eternal search for the “elixir of youth” we are ready for anything. But what does our skin really need?

“Art of Beauty” DNA Test will help you understand what care your skin and hair really need to preserve their natural beauty and youth.

DNA skin care, unlike the advice of friends and bloggers, includes:

  • Internal skin characteristics: hydration, firmness, antioxidant protection
  • Risks of complications after “aggressive procedures”
  • Balanced nutrition with the necessary vitamins and supplements
  • Skin reaction to sun exposure and consumption of sweets
  • Age-related changes forecast
  • Self-acting care
  • DNA Test recommended skin care

When is it useful to do the Beauty DNA Test?

  • You look for a balance of beauty, both external and internal. Nutrition, vitamin therapy, physical activity, sleep pattern, cosmetics.
  • You strive to always look good. To get rid of bags under the eyes, dull hair color, tired look.
  • You want to find an effective solution to problems. Pimples, acne, black spots, dryness and hair loss.
  • You want to avoid the early manifestation of age-related changes. Individual anti ‑ age program, preventive skin and hair care.
  • You realized that the popular cosmetologist procedures do not give the desired results. Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, traditional and advanced beauty techniques.
  • You noticed that general recommendations do not suit you. Beautician tips, brand, hairdresser and beauty bloggers’ ads

Personal Beauty DNA Test Report:

How to take care of your skin

  • The major problems: how to deal with acne, redness and dry skin.  
  • Cosmetology procedures: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, mechanical cleaning and peeling – what suits you?
  • Sun exposure: positive tanning effect or accelerated skin aging?
  • Lifestyle: sleep pattern, bad habits, water balance, nutrition recommendations

How to care for hair

  • Key questions: how to prevent hair loss and thinning.
  • Cosmetics: are shampoos, balms and masks able to cure and strengthen hair?
  • Procedures: thermal and chemical effects – what is dangerous for you and what is not?
  • Gray hair: susceptibility to the early appearance of gray hair.
  • “Baldness gene”: is it possible to prevent hair loss if relatives have such a problem?

How to eat.

  • Need in nutrients: vitamins, dietary supplements, and skin and hair health products.
  • Antioxidant products: Are blackberries and bananas, black coffee and green tea so effective for you?
  • Relationship with sugar: how many pieces in a cup of tea will not damage the elasticity of the skin?
  • Face lift diet: A list of recommended products for skin health and those that should be avoided.

Experts Recommendation.

To make the Beauty DNA Test t is useful to anyone who looks after their appearance. The genetic needs of the body are individual. The scientific approach excludes trial and error. Youth and beauty are achievable without risks and side effects.

The results of the Beauty DNA Test will allow you to avoid unreasonable and even contraindicated procedures, purposefully work with the problem area and choose an anti-age program that will be truly effective for you.

Expert Opinion

Beauty DNA Test specializes in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. I have already done the study from DNA Test in nutrition and sports. I want to note that I continue to adhere to the recommendations from this report now.

Beauty DNA Test studies genes that tell a lot of interesting facts about skin and hair.

Genetics determines the body’s response to solar radiation. We are all told that the sun has a bad effect on the skin, but in fact, the susceptibility to sunlight is individual. For some people the sun is good – they produce vitamin D and heal acne, while in others, skin cells begin to break down, which leads to dryness, inflammation and even burns.

Anastasia Khozisova
Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld Top Model

View sample report.
100 report pages

Beauty DNA Test Kit

Beauty - 32 genes
    Youth and Beauty.

Beauty DNA test is suitable for those who want to determine the appropriate cosmetic procedures, avoid the consequences of improper care, and choose an anti-age program.

Beauty DNA Report consists of 100 pages and contains sections:

  • Mechanical properties: collagen production, vascular strength, the risk of stretch marks and destruction of bone tissue
  • Skin tendency to lose moisture, dryness and dermatitis
  • Body’s ability to withstand free radicals
  • Degree of natural skin protection from UV rays
  • Reaction of the skin to the consumption of sugary foods
  • Need for vitamins for healthy skin and hair
  • Reaction to “aggressive” procedures and a tendency to inflammatory processes
  • Tendency to hair loss and male pattern baldness
  • Risk of early graying
  • Recommended skin and hair beauty products
530.00 EUR
View sample report.
100 report pages



Expert - 55 genes
140 report pages
640.00 €
Wellness - 32 genes
62 report pages
530.00 €
Beauty - 34 genes
100 report pages
530.00 €
Smile - 26 gēni
47 report pages
390.00 €
Feminity - 19 genes
60 report pages
350.00 €
Fit - 17 genes
40 report pages
320.00 €
Immunity - 12 genes
40 report pages
290.00 €
Baby - 12 genes
31 report pages
290.00 €
Neuro - 10 genes
53 report pages
290.00 €
Light - 7 genes
23 report pages
230.00 €
2Genes - 2 genes
10 report pages
130.00 €

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