What is biorevitalization?

Biorevitalization – method of intradermic injections (techniques: papule, linear-retrograde) non-reticulated hyaluronic acid stimulating dermal matrix cells.Despite of the hyaluronic acid itself, biorevitalizants could consist vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and amino acids, necessary for the skin for its normal functioning.

Biorevitalizācija. Allergan (ASV) laboratorijas piedāvātais Juvederm® VOLITE.

Purposes of biorevitalization:

Hyaluronic acid injection procedure ensures quick effect, solving multiple problems at once. It helps hydrating your skin, regenerate skin structure, stimulating fibroblasts (regeneration and increase of collagen and elastin fibres, ensuring the stiffness of your skin and beautiful facial contours), being a great antioxidant at the same time. This method increases the skin tone, levelling its relief, eliminating wrinkles, unwanted folds and skin laxity, decreases the intensity of hyperpigmentation, helps treating scars and striaes.

Indications for the biorevitalization procedure:

  • Skin dehydration;
  • Decrease of skin stiffness and tightness;
  • Oncoming aesthetic procedures and insolation;
  • Photo- and Chrono- aging;
  • Decrease of skin condition after laser procedures, insolation and chemical peelings.

Juvederm® HYDRATE™ Biorevitalisation

Juvederm® HYDRATE™ biorevitalization is an injection of special complex to the upper skin layers to increase the skin tone, its stiffness and ensure good hydration.

About Juvederm® HYDRATE™

Juvederm® HYDRATE™ from Allergan laboratory(США) – is a formulation for biorevitalization procedures; the main active substance of this formulation is hyaluronic acid.

The manufacturer itself is declaring the intended use of the product as injection intradermal implant.

It is not the same thing as filler, as long as there is no way to achieve long-lasting volumizing effect for some area with a filler.

However, the formulation stays in tissues for a long time, providing biorevitalization and deep hydration effect.

Composition of Juvederm® HYDRATE™:

Molecular mass of hyaluronic acid molecules in this formulation is 2500 kDa. The bigger organic molecules are, the more time it takes for your body to break them down and the longer effect from injections will last.

Its main difference from other formulations of this line is a presence of another component – mannitol antioxidant. Skin rejuvenation formulation.

Due to mannitol:

  • Cellular membranes are less susceptible to devastating effect of free radicals;
  • Hyaluronic acid molecules are breaking down with lower speed, increasing the duration of effect for at least 3 times.

Where are Juvederm® HYDRATE™ injections made:

Juvederm® HYDRATE™ are being injected into mesoderm or on the border level between epidermis and derma. Such injection deepness ensuring the maximum stimulating effect of hyaluronic acid and with a little exception causes no injuries of vessels and formation of hematomas when a gel is being injected.

Volume of the formulation for the procedure is being calculated by the cosmetician individually depending on the intensity of skin condition visual appearance and condition.

Skin-care after Juvederm® HYDRATE™ procedure:

Within two or three days we recommend avoiding treatments, which could cause the increasing of oedema and formation of hematomas:

  • Thermal procedures (baths, sauna, taking a hot tub, heat effect from kitchen-range, fireplace, physiotherapeutic procedures and cosmetic procedures based on a heating effect);
  • Massage, application of cosmetic products, increasing regenerative processes;

Zones for applying Juvederm® HYDRATE™:

  • Face, neck, décolleté zone and hands.
  • Formulation could be used for any part of your body where skin laxity or atony is expected.


  • hypertrophic scars on previously suffered skin injuries zones;
  • predisposition to the keloid scars;
  • intolerance to hyaluronic acid formulations;
  • hypersensitivity about mannitol;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • presence of constant fillers at the location of expected injection.

Juvederm® HYDRATE™ procedure course:

Standard course consists of 3 biorevitalization procedures with Juvederm® HYDRATE™ formulation. Time periods between procedures are two-three weeks. The course is being conducted once a year.

If a client has risk factors like smoking, constant stresses, excessive fatigue, if patient if 35 y.o. or older, frequent trips to the sea or/and frequent solarium procedures, you may undergo the course once in 6 months.

There is also a scheme when after standard course of 3 procedures, supporting procedures are also being carried out once in two or three months.

Juvederm® VOLITE

Juvederm® VOLITE Allergan Laboratory (USA) is a new generation formulation to improve your skin quality.

What are the main special features of new Juvederm® VOLITE formulation?

Juvederm® VOLITE from Allergan Laboratory (USA) is a new product of VYCROSS family, specially intended to improve the quality of skin. Its main purpose is not to eliminate wrinkles.

It is intended to improve hydration, stiffness and texture of skin; just a single injection of this formulation is enough for a long lasting action for 9 months.

What is VYCROSS technology?

Technology of VYCROSS stabilized hyaluronic acid production allows to achieve a formulation with low molecular mass and stable cross links between its particles. It increases the therapeutic features of formulation and prolongs its action.

As long as hyaluronic acid, created on the basis of VYCROSS technology, for 90% is consisting of low weight molecules, particles of formulation could reach deep layers of tissues and revitalize them from the inside.

What is different about Juvederm® VOLITE in comparison with other skin quality improving formulations?

  • The main difference is that just one injection is enough; you don’t need several procedures.
  • Second difference is that one injection of Juvederm® VOLITE is enough for visible effect for nine months.
  • Whilst other formulations require many more procedures to keep the effect for so long, as long as the effect from them lasts much shorter.

What particular skin problems may I solve with Juvederm® VOLITE formulation?

This formulation could solve a group of skin problems: it improves the quality of soft skin, of skin with pitted facial scars, helps when your skin loses its stiffness and when having problems with skin texture. This formulation is multipurpose, suitable for patients of different age groups.

Zones of application of Juvederm® VOLITE:

  • facial area;
  • hands;
  • neck and décolleté.

What aesthetic procedures may I combine Juvederm® VOLITE injections with?

Juvederm® VOLITE injections could be combined with many other procedures. It is a very good additional formulation. It could be combined with volumizing fillers and with peelings or laser treatment for skin resurfacing.

Juvederm® VOLITE injections could also be applied in a month or month and a half after fibre lifting for additional improvement of skin quality after this procedure. And of course this formulation could be combined with A-type botulinus toxin.


Biorevitalization Juvederm® Allergan (USA)

Juvederm VOLITE
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