PRP – Plasma therapy CELLULAR MATRIX™ is an innovative patented method by RegenLab® (Switzerland), which allows you to obtain a balanced combination of hyaluronic acid in one tube, obtained by applying microbiological fermenting method and autologous platelet enriched plasma (A-PRP).

Main advantage of this technology is a combination of deep revitalization and lifting:

  • hyaluronic acid produces the revitalization and skin moisturizing effect;
  • platelet enriched blood plasma (A-PRP) stimulates skin regeneration at the cellular level, activates the new collagen response and improves circulation of blood;

These two components are treating simultaneously, mutually intensifying each other. This is why a synergistic effect is achieved.


Blood collection tubes are consisting 2 ml of non-reticulated hyaluronic acid placed in Cellular Matrix™ volume of 2,0 ml without cross bonds (1550 kDa); concentration is 20 mg/ml (40 mg in each tube).

Hyaluronic acid in the tube prolongs the duration of immune system cells activity (thrombocytes) at injection site.

Clinical effect of combined treatment with plasma (А-PRP) RegenLab® and hyaluronic acid in a single tube is much more signified in comparison with separate treatment with mentioned components, which is very important to achieve the simultaneous volumising and regenerating effect.

Hyaluronic acid in CELLULAR MATRIX™

It is not recommended to combine hyaluronic acid and platelet enriched plasma in one matrass under conditions of a beauty parlour and make an injection for patients. In case of contact of thrombocytes with acid environment of hyaluronic acid, they are being destroyed decreasing the effect of procedure itself.

RegenLab laboratory experts achieved the PH7 level of hyaluronic acid acidity in CELLULAR MATRIX™ tube, so the thrombocytes are not being destroyed in contact with this environment; conversely, the optimal “life environment” for cell expansion is achieved and the effect from this procedure is only enhanced.

Only non-stabilized unpreserved hyaluronic acid is used in CELLULAR MATRIX™ technology.

CELLULAR MATRIX™ – mechanism of action

CELLULAR MATRIX™ ensures the period of activity of thrombocytes and elution of growth factors in skin by creation of “comfort zone” for cells from hyaluronic acid “network” inside which the thrombocytes are spreading.

The lattice of hyaluronic acid is quickly covered by fibroblasts – cells producing the components of extracellular matrix, ensuring the constant resurfacing of skin in conjunction with consistent hydration (moisturizing) of deep skin layers.

Due to the optimal “life environment” created by the hyaluronic acid, growth factors are longer active with more signified effect in tissues, stimulating the regeneration of skin: increase of new collagen response of III and IV types, prolonged hydration (moisturizing), angiogenesis (neovascularisation).

Directions for CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedure

Simultaneous effect of deep, long-lasting and stable hydration, rejuvenation and modulation of lineaments allowing to avoid the whole complex of age-related skin changes problems:

  • skin dryness and laxity;
  • wrinkles and creases (including nasolabial fold);
  • irregularities of skin colour and micro relief;
  • losing of lower face sharp contours;
  • skin photoageing, stress aftereffects.

CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedure is the best fit for

Procedure is effective for ageing skin, losing tone and against wrinkles. Injections are used for the face zone (rejuvenation and styling of temples, mid face and lower face), for the neck and décolleté zone.

For the body skin around bikini zone, internal surface of forearms, stomach, wrists, elbows, knees.

Results of CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedure

The following complex effect is achieved as the result of CELLULAR MATRIX™ injection procedures:

  • skin stiffness is increased;
  • wrinkles and creases become less visible and disappear;
  • skin is tightening, becoming firm and compact;
  • skin tone is levelling and increasing;
  • deep moisturising of skin;
  • face sharp contours are increasing.

CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedure contra-indications

  • blood diseases;
  • nasty forms of pancreatic diabetes;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • oncology diseases;
  • severe intoxication;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedure course

For the best effect of skin tightening and rejuvenation a course of 3 CELLULAR MATRIX™ procedures is recommended spaced a month apart.

After that 3-4 annual procedures are enough to keep the reached effect.

When paying for a course of 3 procedures of PRP RegenLab® -15%.



PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid face and neck Cellural Matrix (1 tube)46 ml.
350.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) + Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 12ml.
544.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml. + Regen ACR Classic (2 tubes) 18 ml.
655.00 €