The unique BodyShape RF system is the last word in the field of the methods of surgery-substitute painless elimination of fatty deposits, cellulite treatment, figure correction, rejuvenation and body skin lifting.

Today, Body Shape RF is the latest, effective and optimal system in the noninvasive cosmetology and physiotherapy.

The simultaneous influence of RF energy, vacuum, infrared light, rotation (automatic rotation of the applicator) influences zones with fatty deposits, activating exchange processes in all layers of skin and subcutaneous fat.

The BodyShape RF apparatus integrates:

  • RF – bipolar radio-frequency energy
  • Infrared energy
  • Pulsating vacuum
  • Rotation

These actions influence fibroblasts that influence the development of collagen and elastin in skin.

Bipolar radio-frequency energy (RF) promotes skin lifting and increases fat splitting, so the figure outline changes, skin is tightened.

Rotation is the patented technology allowing to significantly increase effectiveness of therapy.

Dermotony (vacuum roller massage) improves lymphokinesis in the organism, waste matter is respectively quicker removed, the space for nutrient inflow from blood is cleared. Puffiness disappears, skin becomes smooth, its relief is leveled.

Low-intensity red light increases blood microcirculation, has a therapeutic effect, promotes the splitting of fatty deposits, opens pores and ducts, accelerate the result of procedures twice.

Thanks to the combined effect, Body Shape initiates important processes creating an exclusively good effect at the level of subcutaneous fat and at the level of derma:

  • improvement of blood microcirculation, nutrition, exchange processes;
  • lipolysis stimulation, recovery of hypertrophied lipoblasts;
  • synthesis of new collagen;
  • stimulation of fibroblasts;
  • immediate skin tightening, turgor improvement, reduction of the length and depth of striae;

As a result, Body Shape gives notable reduction of body volumes, rejuvenates and smooths the skin almost in front of your eyes, and a number of the rejuvenation mechanisms is started in its layers with an accumulative prolonged effect.

Advantages of procedures with Body Shape RF:

  • short duration of procedures (so, figure modeling takes 40 min only)
  • no rehabilitation period.

Indications for procedures with BodyShape RF:


  • Local fatty deposits;
  • Cellulite (edema, fibrous) of various degrees;
  • Obesity;
  • Skin tightening after sharp weight loss;
  • Stretch marks after pregnancy or quick weight loss;
  • Puffiness of tissues;
  • Health-improving vacuum massage;
  • Skin laxity and sagging;
  • Muscle tension;
  • Recovery of cutaneous covering after liposuction.

Face, neck, decollete area:

  • Skin laxity;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Skin sponginess;
  • Indistinct facial contour;
  • Chin sagging;
  • Expressed folds;
  • Post-acne;
  • Baggy lower eyelids.


  • high blood pressure;
  • use of an electric cardiostimulator;
  • neuropathic abnormalities;
  • infected or open wounds;
  • an extensive scar in the field of influence or a recent surgical operation;
  • availability of metal prostheses in the field of influence;
  • skin diseases;
  • varicosity, thrombophlebitis;
  • hernia in the field of influence;
  • high blood pressure, coronary heart disease;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • hepatitis and other liver diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Optimal course for the lasting result: 6-10 procedures.
Periodicity: lipolysis – twice a week, lift – once a week. Supportive cares with a 1-2 month interval are recommended in half a year.


Body Shape RF

Body Shape RF lipo modelling
30 min.
70.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling
40 min.
90.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling
60 min.
120.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling
90 min.
160.00 €
Course of procedures
Body Shape RF lipo modelling - 3 procedures
30 min.
189.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling - 3 procedures
40 min.
243.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling - 3 procedures
60 min.
324.00 €
Body Shape RF lipo modelling - 3 procedures
90 min.
432.00 €

AppointmentFigure modeling, lipolysis, lifting with Body Shape RF (Germany)