Cosmetic medicine facial care programs for pregnant women

Art of Beauty offers care programs aimed at nourishing, relaxing and hydrating the skin of the face during pregnancy.

A consultation with a specialist is obligatory before program selection.
The consultation is free of charge.

Features of special facil care programs for pregnant women at Art of Beauty:

  • Premised on soft, hypoallergenic cosmetic products
  • They soothe and strengthen the skin
  • They reduce skin irritation
  • They make strengthening the vessel wall of the blood capillaries
  • They boost cells immunity
  • They repair skin moisture balance
  • They protect the skin from external influences
  • Organism’s changes during pregnancy

A whopping hormonal restructuring of the body occurs during pregnancy. This is literally a “time bomb”. Therefore, during this period, the skin can react in an unpredictable way even to the usual means, can turn out to be unexpectedly sensitive to seemingly safe products, up to a serious allergic reaction.

The main rule that applies in cosmetology for pregnant women is not to harm, therefore, any toxic or chemical effects on the skin, as well as sensation of pain, must be avoided.

Also, during pregnancy, it is important to bear in mind the emotional background: pregnant women become more sensitive emotionally. There are propitious and unpropitious procedures for women during pregnancy. And sometimes a personal cosmetician turns out to be the first person to learn about pregnancy, because it is important to discuss this fact with a cosmetician when selecting procedures.

It is important to know

Propitious procedures during pregnancy:

  • Facial massage

This is the favorite procedure for all pregnant women. Like doctors say, when it’s good for a mom, then it’s good for a baby. During massage, lymphatic drainage improves, the withdrawal of excess fluid and the removal of puffy swelling from the face, which is very important for pregnant women. All pregnant clients point out that the child in his stomach behaves very well during massage. The visiting of this procedure is possible up to the very child-bearing, there are no contraindications.

  • Face masks

The different kindes of face masks are prescribed for pregnant women. It is essential that all components of the masks are natural and there are no allergic reactions to these components. This is discussed with the cosmetician by all means. It is also important how pleasant the smell of mask for pregnant women, allowing for the possible toxicosis. It is noted that algal masks please more those women who carry boys, for expectant mothers who carry girls, the smell of such masks may be unacceptable.

  • Surface-medius peelings, phyto-peelings

These peelings are good for they contain herbs, so they are not toxic and do not harm the body.

Procedures that are not recommended during pregnancy:

  • Apparatus procedures

Across pregnancy, it is important to abandon all laser and radio frequency procedures because of the danger of an unpredictable reaction, and also, due to the radiation of the devices, they affect the fetus, therefore procedures related to electrical conductivity are not recommended. And allowing for pregnant women have to undergo an ultrasound investigation from time to time, a double burden is obtained. Of the apparatus procedures, you can only do suprasonic cleaning, but not often. The d’Arsonval procedure is also not recommended for pregnant women. This is an electro-procedure that is carried out after cleaning to improve healing.

  • Peelings with toxic substances

Peelings with toxic substances, for example, retinoic peelings, also have a negative effect. Of all the existing peelings, machinal (scrubs), chemical (acid), fermental (for example, the papain enzyme obtained from papaya), all containing chemical products are prohibited.

  • Contour correction

Also it is better to exclude during pregnancy. The preparation of hyaluronic acid itself is not harmful, but, since pregnant women are characterized by swelling, after childbirth, when the puffy swelling is gone, distortions on the face may be visible. In addition, injections are a painful procedure.

  • Injectable methodologies

Pregnant women are prohibited from all injections, such as botox, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, etc. Hormonal preparation are also strongly impossible. Even surface anesthesia is highly undesirable.

Constant discontinuities in endocrine profile lead, for example, even to a change-type in skin. Dry skin can become greasy or combination, and vice versa.
Therefore, it is important to choose the right facial care procedures and home care.


Pregnant face treatments

Pregnant face treatments
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OXY THERAPY for Pregnant
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