Bioreparation and Biorevitalization of the intimate area are injection methods based on the administering new generation preparations of epigenetic nature (bioreparants) and preparations based on unstabilized hyaluronic acid (biorevitalizants).

With aging, due to decrease in estrogen production, the intimate area tissues lose their elasticity, which causes dryness and discomfort.

Main scope of application

Prevention and treatment of atrophic changes in the intimate area, restoration of normal vaginal biocenosis/microflora.

Procedure progress

Preparations are subcutaneously injected into the submucous layer of the vagina in the genital area.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. Its duration depends on the volume of the treated area and may include both bioreparation or biorevitalization of the vagina and, separately, of the vulva, as well as their combined treatment.


  • Bioreparation
      Bioreparation of the intimate area is performed using preparations that contain peptides activating production of collagen, saturating the cells with oxygen and moisture, providing maximum aqua-reserve in the skin cell matrix, transporting nutrients, increasing synthetic activity of fibroblasts. They also regulate the biobalance and cell metabolism, increase reconstructive potential in the tissues.
  • Biorevitalization
      Biorevitalization of the intimate area is performed using preparations based on unstabilized hyaluronic acid, which set in motion the production of own useful substances – collagen, elastin, moisturize the vaginal mucosa. This improves metabolism and blood circulation in the intimate area, increases elasticity and returns sensitivity and sensations, as in one’s younger days.

Indications for the procedure

Due to hormonal restructuring of the body under the influence of involutional processes, a woman may face the following problems:

  • recurrent inflammatory diseases of the vagina;
  • dryness of the vulva and the vagina;
  • frequent traumas to the genitals during sexual intercourse;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • decrease in sensitivity of the vagina;
  • weak orgasm/anorgasmia;
  • kraurosis vulvae (chronic dystrophic, atrophic changes of the external anatomical part of the female genital organs);
  • leukoplakia (pathological changes in cervical epithelial cells);
  • itching of the vagina and the vulva in view of age-related changes and due to taking certain preparations (including oral contraceptives);


  • deep moistening of the problem area;
  • diminishing dryness and itching in the treatment area;
  • stimulation of angiogenesis and neocollagenesis;
  • increasing turgor, elasticity of the skin of the vulva;
  • reducing relapse incidence of inflammatory diseases and herpetic infections;
  • prevention and treatment of leukoplakia, kraurosis vulvae;
  • increasing libido, sensations during sexual intercourse;
  • normalization of metabolic processes in tissues.


  • acute infectious diseases;
  • blood-clotting disorder;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation period.

Due to attraction of liquid to the processing zone, we receive the following results:

  • deep moistening;
  • disappearance of the feeling of dryness, itch in the processed zone;
  • increase in turgor, elasticity of vulva skin;
  • decrease in frequency of recurrent inflammatory disease;
  • decrease in frequency of recurrent herpes infection;
  • prevention and treatment of leukoplakia, kraurosis vulvae;
  • increase in libido, feelings during sexual contact.


You must first be examined by a gynecologist and pass the tests assigned by him/her.

The day before the procedure, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, smoke, take preparations affecting blood clotting.

For 3 days after the administration, it is recommended to abstain from sexual activity, taking a steam bath, sauna, or bath.

Advantages of bioreparation and biorevitalization of the intimate area

    • minimal invasiveness of the method
    • safety of the procedure
    • painlessness
    • the effect lasts for 12 months
    • the procedure can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

This procedure is indicated to all women after 35 years.

It is recommended to take a course of 1 to 4 procedures, depending on the intensity of changes.

Time between injections

  • Bioreparation – 14 days
  • Biorevitalization – 1 month

The following preparations are used in our clinic



  • Desirial® by Vivacy laboratory (France), which is specially designed for intradermal and intramucosal administration in the intimate area.
  • Teosyal Redensity 1 by TEOXANE laboratory (Switzerland).
  • Juvederm Hydrate by Allergan laboratory (USA).


Bioreparation and Biorevitalization of the intimate area

The cost of the intimate biorevitalization procedure
Biorevitalization with Desirial® Vivacy
250.00 €
Biorevitalization with Teosyal Redensity® TEOXANE
170.00 €
Biorevitalization with Teosyal Redensity® TEOXANE 3ml
340.00 €
Biorevitalization with Juvederm Hydrate® Allergan
180.00 €

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