Cryolipolysis is an innovation break in apparatus methods of the figure correction.

The combination of the cryolipolysis system and the RF technology does the Cryo-X RF apparatus a unique system among the innovative solutions in the world.

The Cryo-X RF apparatus uses the latest technology that combines the controlled use of low temperatures as well as the radio-frequency (RF) current to influence on fatty deposits.

The principle of cryolipolysis consists in the selective and strictly controlled cooling of fat cells, which stimulates their apoptosis and leads to the gradual reduction of the subcutaneous fat thickness.

The radio-frequency current has heat effect, increases intercellular diffusion by heating, which increases metabolism of the stored energy (lipolysis).

The scope of application of this apparatus is wider than the systems with only cryotechnology have.

The Cryo-X RF apparatus offers a new medical solution for the noninvasive removal of excess fatty deposits in certain parts of the body and the removal of cellulite by the method of the localized and strictly controlled cooling of the processed zone.

As one of the most effective technologies to remove fat, cryolipolysis creates a new standard of safety, speed and effectiveness.

The use of cryolipolysis completely excludes any possibility of injury of nerves, skin, internal organs and vessel and vessels by cold.

Cryolipolysis is carried out with the selective cooling of fatty tissue without physical destruction of all other cells.

A key feature of the Sryo-X RF apparatus is the use monopolar radio frequencies allowing to create a larger temperature difference between the maximum warming and cooling. Which in turn allowed to increase effectiveness of the cryolipolysis procedure substantially.

The high-frequency electric field removes or reduces external cellulite manifestation in the zones of influence.

Functions of the Cryo-X RF apparatus:

  • cryolipolysis;
  • RF lipolysis;
  • RF facelift;

Possibilities of the Cryo-X RF apparatus:

  • figure modeling, weight loss;
  • removal of fat in zones with a large amount of fatty deposits;
  • elimination of cellulite;
  • activation of metabolism;
  • elimination of toxins from the organism;
  • improvement of appearance of skin.


  • local fatty deposits in an area: belly, sides, back, hands, legs;
  • obesity;
  • cellulite;
  • skin laxity;

Advantages of the Cryo-X RF apparatus:

  • reduction of up to 20-40% of fat cells for one procedure in an zone of influence;
  • duration of the physiological process initiated by the apparatus lasts up to 60-90 days;
  • short duration of the procedure (20-40 min).
  • no rehabilitation period;
  • procedure is painless;
  • no side effects;
  • does not demand rehabilitation;
  • effectiveness of the removal of fat is much higher than in case of other various methods, and the total duration of the procedures is much less.

Cryo-X RF has 4 attachments:

  • One attachment with a big applicator – for cryolipolysis;
  • Two attachments with a medium applicator – for cryolipolysis;
  • One attachment with an RF applicator (availability of the attachment with the RF technology allows to correct hardly accessible zones and work with those who have a fatty fold less than 2.5 cm).

At the beginning, the RF current has heat effect on skin, promoting active lipolysis – fat splitting and transformation of fats into energy. The use of the monopolar radio frequencies allows to create a larger temperature difference between the maximum warming and cooling, and it substantially increases effectiveness of the cryolipolysis procedure.


  • use of an electric cardiostimulator;
  • cold hypersensitivity;
  • neuropathic abnormalities;
  • infected or open wounds;
  • an extensive scar in the field of influence or a recent surgical operation;
  • availability of metal prostheses in the field of influence;
  • skin diseases;
  • varicosity, thrombophlebitis;
  • hernia in the field of influence;
  • high blood pressure, coronary heart disease;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • hepatitis and other liver diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The course takes 1-2-3 procedures with an interval of 4 weeks.
The maximum number of procedures is 2-3 per zone.

Procedure duration: 60-90 min.


Cryo-X / RF

Cryo-X и RF 1 zone (criolipolise, RF-lifting)
60 min.
130.00 €
Cryo-X и RF 2 zone (criolipolise, RF-lifting)
90 min.
160.00 €
From 3 procedures discount - 10%

AppointmentCryo-X RF cryolipolysis (Germany)