Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage with the Lympha Press Plus apparatus (Israel) is a procedure that is applied to dispose of excess weight and cellulite.

During the pressure therapy procedure, the compressed air that comes via special cuffs influences the lymphatic system, which removes the excess accumulated liquid from the human organism.

It activates exchange processes in fat cells and skin cells, with improving venous circulation, recovering clear intracellular and intercellular water. As a result, vascular walls are toned and puffiness is removed.

The pressure therapy procedure helps to perform the active lymphatic drainage, removing stagnant products, excess liquid, toxins, poisons, products of the decomposition of fat cells from the organism.

The pressure therapy procedure is painless.

Lympha Press Plus (Israel) is the medical equipment intended for consecutive compression therapy, which has a 12-chamber gradient.

Operating modes of the apparatus for the pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage with Lympha Press Plus:

  • Pretherapy (preparation). Patented technology based on especially careful, manual lymphatic drainage. In this mode, the patient’s lymphatic system is prepared for the intensive loading. The stage consists in the maximum discharge of the peripheral lymphatic system, in opening large lymph nodes. It eliminates obstacles for the lymph drain, increases effectiveness of subsequent cycles.
  • Lympha (main mode). It is the most effective in case of hand and foot edema. Massage movements go from the farthest point to the center, for example, from toe tips to the body, the area of the groin. The necessary pressure is created in each chamber one after another, with reducing the pressure by 1 mm Hg in each next chamber. That is from the first chamber to the last one, the pressure force and duration are slowly decreasing, a necessary pressure gradient is formed (from the periphery to the center).
  • Gradient12 (main expanded). The most effective mode in case of an edema. It combines the benefit of Lympha and the feature to operate with a large pressure. The mode allows to set a high pressure at the level of the toes (100 mm Hg or more), and to decrease it in the groin and the stomach down to 40 mm Hg.
  • Wave. This mode is the most effective in case of venous insufficiency and easy forms of the hand and foot edema, including the postoperative and posttraumatic ones. Perfectly takes off the weariness of foots at the end of the day and after physical load, by means of soft wave-like pressure. It is effective even in case of the severe forms of varicose veins of lower extremities complicated with trophic ulcers and also as the prevention of complications for slow-moving debilitated patients.
  • Balancer. Quick and soft waves of the pressure in this mode perfectly relax the body. Gentle surface lymphatic drainage massage positively influences microcirculation in lymphatic and venous vessels, removes psychoemotional stress, improves the falling asleep and sleeping. During this mode, many patients relax and fall asleep.

Effect of the pressure therapy procedure:

The pressure therapy allows to get rid of various forms of edema, substantially reduce the body’s volume. It helps patients to effectively fight against any manifestation of cellulite, against various stages of obesity as well as is very effective for the prevention of such disease as varicosity.

Results from the pressure therapy procedure:

  • disposal of cellulite, improvement of elasticity and resilience of the skin;
  • beneficial influence on the condition of the skin, subcutaneous fat;
  • disposal of edema of various origins as well as considerable reduction of the body’s volume.
  • normalization of the moisture balance, removing toxins and excess liquid from the organism;
  • prevention and treatment of varicosity, because the method has expressed vasodilatory and spasmolytic effect;
  • increase in resistance to stress and in immunity, improvement of mood
  • figure correction

The pressure therapy procedure is combined with various cosmetic procedures the main orientation of which is the elimination of imperfection and the figure correction.

Indications to the procedure:

  • cellulite
  • excess weight
  • local fatty deposits
  • skin laxity
  • feeling of weight in extremities
  • excessive puffiness, irrespective of reasons of its origin
  • feeling of excessive muscle strain
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • need for rehabilitation after operations

Contraindications to the procedure:

  • pregnancy
  • renal failure
  • malignant neoplasms
  • diabetes mellitus and disease of small and large vessels
  • skin diseases
  • first days of menstrual cycle
  • II degree cardiac insufficiency
  • unstable angina
  • ciliary arrhythmia
  • acute heart failure
  • postinfarction states
  • venous thrombosis of lower extremities.

The recommended course consists of 5-10 procedures, which are performed with the periodicity of 2-3 times a week.
Duration is from 60 min.


An important prerequisite for pressure therapy is compliance with hygiene rules.

Prior to the procedure, the patient should always wear special disposable panties, and only after that the specialist will put the patient in pressure therapy pants and the procedure may begin. Adherence to the rules and regulations of hygiene procedures is an important condition to prevent the development and spread of infectious diseases.


Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage with the Lympha Press Plus apparatus

Pressure therapy procedure
70 min.
45.00 €

AppointmentPressure Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage