Method Cholley phytocosmetics – Swiss approach to beauty

The Methode Cholley phytocosmetics gives the beauty and youth to the skin for more than 30 years. The best recipes and the advanced technologies are used by the Swiss laboratory from its opening till today.

In 1972, Dr. Jules Luis Masset de Vallefort founded a research and production laboratory in Ticino to produce cosmetics and phytoextracts. The years worked for the leading pharmacological companies of Europe were not in vain, and Dr. Masset created exclusive formulas of the preparations.

The specificity of Methode Cholley is a special method of extraction of phytoextracts to save a maximum of useful natural properties in the cosmetics. A unique anti-aging line of the professional cosmetics for face and body.

Methode Cholley will allow you to:


All the Methode Cholley products are based on a combination of nanotechnologies and phytotherapy. The science and nature operate in one direction – bioprocess engineers and dermatologists created unique recipes.


Just imagine how your life will change if you see your shining and well-groomed, gentle and even skin in the mirror every day, you will rejoice every day at your reflection and give this joy to people around.


You will see the effect already in a few minutes after applying it, and you will not be able to refuse the miracle-working Methode Cholley cosmetics from now forth.

The professional lifting and deep moisturizing program for the face and neck skin consisting of anatomic collagenic sheets and a phytobiological solution on the basis of plant extracts.

Collagen is an important building material for our organism.It gives resilience and elasticity to the skin, moisturizes and protects it. The collagenic mask is an ideal means to fight against age change of the skin and prevent aging.

The mask has a multiple effect on the skin:

  • it intensively moisturizes
  • mitigates
  • eliminates irritation and reddening
  • improves the blood microcirculation in upper layers of epidermis
  • activates metabolism
  • removes toxins
  • accelerates the processes of cellular regeneration and smoothes wrinkles

Methode Cholley Lifting Program gives an amazing result in the noticeable reduction of deep and small wrinkles and maintains a prolonged effect of the strengthening and lifting for the face skin for a long time. It is ideal for the rejuvenation of the mature face skin.

The program consists of three preparations:

  • BIOREGENE “S” Ampoule

A professional rejuvenating phyto program with plaster bandage and BIOREGENE “S” Ampoule on the basis of the use of a vegetable phyto mask for the rejuvenation, recovery and transfer of vital force to the tired, atonic, dull face skin.

The phyto mask recovers the hydrolipidic balance of epidermis, promotes the smoothing of wrinkles, eliminates puffiness, evens out complexion.

The unique formula of the phyto mask stimulates the blood microcirculation at the level of capillaries, improves metabolism processes in the skin, has an easy peeling impact, stimulates the regeneration of cells in epidermis and supporting tissues, calms and mitigates the skin, has an easy antiseptic effect.

The phyto mask is an excellent means to fight against free radicals.
The use of the plaster bandage in the phyto program will allow to improve the result from the masks used and to receive a pronounced modelling effect. The cooled and hardened bandage increases drainage, improves microcirculation, provides considerable lifting effect.
The plaster bandage promotes the reduction of depot fat in cheeks and a double chin as well as the smoothing of wrinkles.

It will be ideal for the use at before an important event!

BIOREGENE “S” Ampoules


BIOREGENE “S” Ampoules is a phyto-biological high-potent concentrate for anti-ageing care, ensuring the intensive recovery for dry, sensitive, dehydrated and dull facial skin, prone to couperosis (Rosacea).


  • Intense hydration. Intensively rehydrating the dehydrated facial skin.
  • Intense skin nutrition. Saturating the deep epidermis compartments with all the essential substances and beneficial microelements, making skin smoother and suppler.
  • Cell regenerating. Ensures the complex regeneration of skin covering at cellular level.
  • Increases the elaboration of collagen. Supporting the increased elaboration of collagen fibers in skin tissues.
  • Lifting effect. Visibly tightens skin corrects facial contours.
  • Against couperosis. Removes vascular spiders and constricts enlarged capillary.
  • Treatment of vascular lesion. Ensures vessel-strengthening and vessel-constriction effects. Remove swellings. Ensures the anti-inflammatory, softening, anti-swelling and light whitening effect.


Our product prevents the atrophy of elastin and collagen, increases the fusion of collagen fibers, ensures the lifting effect and regenerated the skin covers. Complex of active constituents saturates the skin tissues with nutritional substances, returning its natural shine and beauty. Methode Cholley anti-aging ampoules are ideal to cure and prevent couperosis.

CHOLLEY BIOCLEAN Sebo-Balance – is a treatment programme based on the deep knowledge of proceedings causing acne ( pimples) and sebum control.

Combination of advanced purification BIOCLEAN® products and massage methods within the programme ensuring both great short-term and long-term results. They are controlling the secretion of sebaceous glands to avoid the pimples and acne. This programme is suitable for persons of all ages.

Four main products of the programme:


with cleaning and peeling effect for greasy, dirt and not breathing skin.


BIOCLEAN G3 mask peeling effect stimulates cell regeneration, eliminating dead cells and excessive keratin to create softer and more harmonic skin. Absorbs the deep admixtures, which are causing inflammation.

This cleaning effect helps:
  • to clear pores and hair follicles to avoid acne (pimples and blackheads);
  • decrease cutaneous swelling and redness;
  • increase metabolic functions, oxygen saturation and skin regeneration;

CHOLLEY Plaster Mask

gypsum mask, provides more visible results from masks and increase the shaping treatment effect.

  • Lifting effect. Visibly lifting skin and correcting facial contours.
  • Increasing of microcirculation. Stimulating blood microcirculation in surface tissues, regenerating the flexibility of blood vessels.
  • Increasing skin elasticity. Regenerating facial contours and making skin micro-relief more even.
  • Regenerating face skin tone. Making face skin colour more homogenous and shining.
  • Increasing of collagen response. Stimulating increased response of collagen tissues in skin cells.


ampullas with concentrated product for balanced secretion of sebum, against pimples, blackheads and comedones.


Concentrated mix of natural extracts and normalizing ingredients, specially developed for intensive treatment of pimples, acne and comedones. BIOCLEAN «S» Ampoules takes control over the activity of bacteria and helps keeping the natural skin balance within the hormone fluctuations periods like pubescence, menopause or deep stress.

CHOLLEY Vitamin C Factor Ampoules

is a rejuvenating product with high concentration of clear C vitamin.

C vitamin is of primary importance for the secretion of collagen fibres and skin strengthening. It is also important for biosynthesis of polysaccharides, which are the basic elements for the conjunctive tissue.


CHOLLEY Vitamin C Factor is very effective to decrease deep and small wrinkles, avoid skin irregularity pigmentation and plaques after pimples, also effective to decrease puffiness, caused by pimples and couperosis.

The program is designed for deep moisturizing and restoring the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.


The Methode Cholley Bioregene Program with hyaluronic acid provides full hydration of the deep layers of the epidermis, revitalizes the driest and dehydrated skin. The complex of active components that make up the program perfectly smooths fine wrinkles formed due to lack of moisture in the epidermis.


The Methode Cholley Bioregene Program with hyaluronic acid is aimed at intensive moisturizing and regeneration of the skin, which, in turn, significantly increases the level of skin quality. It is perfect for any skin type and any age.

Indications for use:

  • Sensitive skin;
  • Skin with signs of rosacea;
  • Dry and dehydrated skin;
  • Asphyxiated skin;
  • Combined skin;
  • Stressful skin after insolation and various peelings

The Methode Cholley Bioregene Program with hyaluronic acid is especially recommended for skin after UV exposure (tanning, sun exposure). The use of the program in such cases allows you to instantly reduce erythema, saturate the skin with oxygen, strengthen the connective tissue and stop the action of free radicals, thereby preventing the appearance of premature wrinkles and the destruction of your own collagen and elastin fibers.

The major ingredients of the Methode Cholley Bioregene Program with hyaluronic acid are:


It is a collagen mask that is easy to use and does not need washing. This is an innovative combination of marine collagen derived from tuna and salmon skin, an alternative to traditionally used bovine collagen. Monodose masks are made under strict control over the production process.

Holistic preservation of the structure of pure collagen is achieved through a complex process of extraction, rectification and the use of the method of dry freezing of natural biomatrix. During this process, water is carefully removed from the raw materials, and the resulting dehydrated product does not require additional preservation.

BIOREGENE MOISTURIZING MASK does not contain chemical components and aromatic additives, therefore it is completely safe and can be applied even to the most sensitive and allergic skin.

Collagen, being the major component of connective tissue, supports skin elasticity and elasticity, forms the lattice structure of the cell matrix.


Main active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid is one of the important components of human connective, epithelial and nervous tissues. Hyaluronic acid performs many functions. First of all, it is a deep intensive moisturizing of the epidermis and deep layers of the skin. Only one gram of it turns a litre of water into a gel. Another advantage of hyaluronic acid is its multifunctional performance: it not only retains moisture, preventing it from evaporating, but also creates a film on the skin surface that prevents evaporation of moisture from deeper layers. Humid environment created by hyaluronic acid, activates the process of regeneration of skin cells and promotes healing of wounds, promotes “adhesion” of collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Allantoin has a pronounced regenerating effect, stimulates the healing of the skin, and also performs a pronounced antioxidant activity.
  • Sorbitol, urea, aspartic and glutamic acid have a pronounced moisturizing and antioxidant effect.
  • Vitamins B3, B5 and B6, inositol and glycine regulate gas exchange in the skin, thereby helping to maintain their moisture level, have antioxidant properties, utilize free radicals that cause irreparable damage to cellular structures.

The program is suitable for all skin types and has no age restrictions.
The procedure is recommended to conduct 1-2 times a week.

METHOD СHOLLEY Anti-Stress Professional Program for intensive moisturizing and revitalization of the skin. Recovery after aggressive procedures (peelings, insolations).


The highly effective METHOD СHOLLEY Anti-Stress Program is purposed for dry, dehydrated skin. The program is specifically designed to solve the problem of pigmentation of a different nature (age spots, post-acne, pigmentation during and after pregnancy). Recommended in the Summer.

The basis of the METHOD СHOLLEY Anti-Stress Program is a gel mask enriched with marine extracts.

Active ingredients of the gel mask are:

  • Sargassum Muticum Extract
  • Extracted from large brown algae;
  • Grows in middle latitudes and tropical oceans;
  • Lives mainly in shallow waters and coral reefs;
  • Active moisturizing effect;
  • Natural antioxidant, perfectly protects the skin from harmful effects of the environment.


  • Durvillea Antarctica Extract
  • Viable alga;
  • Grows in the circumpolar shores of New Zealand and Chile;
  • The extract is rich in alginic acid;
  • Effective against free radicals that cause cellular degeneration and aging.


  • Sea buckthorn seed oil
  • Sea buckthorn grows predominantly in continental Asia and some parts of Europe;
  • Well known for its hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • For centuries, sea buckthorn oil has been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal and dermatological diseases;
  • Rich in vitamins;
  • An effective ingredient in the fight against age-related changes


  • Refreshing and incredibly comfortable care;
  • Soothing and anti-stress effect;
  • Antioxidant action, fight against age-related changes;
  • Cleansing and harmonizing effect;
  • Protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.


  • It is ideal to use after peeling to moisturize and give freshness to the skin;
  • Excellent soothes the skin under stress;
  • Ideal in the Summer;
  • Recommended in a warm, humid climate;
  • Perfectly removes dirt;
  • Gives excellent results in combination with METHOD СHOLLEY Bioclean AHA Peeling.


  • Good for all skin types;
  • Recommended for all age groups;
  • Can be used 2-3 times a week as a nourishing and moisturizing program

Products available for sale


Methode Cholley phytocosmetics (Switzerland)

Methode Cholley Anti-Stress Program Based on Algae
100.00 €
Methode Cholley Bioregene Moisturizing Program with Hyaluronic Acid
120.00 €
Methode Cholley Rejuvenating Lifting Program
120.00 €
Methode Cholley Rejuvenating Phyto Mask Program with Plaster Bandage
120.00 €
Methode Cholley Rejuvenating Lifting Program + Pressotherapy
130.00 €
Methode Cholley Rejuvenating Phyto Mask Program with Plaster Bandage + Pressure therapy
130.00 €
Methode Cholley BIOCLEAN Sebo-Balance Program with Plaster Bandage
120.00 €
Methode Cholley BIOCLEAN Sebo-Balance Program
90.00 €

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