The Honey Anti-Cellulite Massage is a type of weight-loss massage during which the masseur’s hands pointwise influence the skin sections subject to cellulite. It allows to improve intracellular metabolism.

The Honey Anti-Cellulite Massage shows the remarkable result: skin becomes delicate and silky, internal lumps are smoothed, blood circulation is normalized, and the body state also improves as a whole, and the muscle tonus increases.

During this massage, honey parts penetrate into our organism and give useful substances – it is an excellent method for modern people to keep trim.

There is a wish to remind that honey is 100% absorbed in blood and is not removed from the organism. Its properties accompanied by massage not only cleanses skin, but also promote weight loss, as well as help in the fight against cellulite and to remove wastes from the organism.

Consequences of the massage with adding honey can be seen after the first procedure.

Effect after the honey massage procedures:

  • fatigue leaves and immunity becomes stronger, the tonus of the organism improves;
  • digestion is normalized;
  • skin laxity substantially decreases;
  • figure outline improves;
  • stretch marks turn pale;
  • cellulite signs disappear;
  • excess subcutaneous fat and edemata decreases;
  • blood circulation and lymph efflux improve;
  • skin becomes elastic, trim, smooth and delicate;

Contraindications for the honey massage:

  • allergy to honey and beekeeping products;
  • skin eruption and damages;
  • oncological diseases, thyroid gland malfunction;


Honey Based Procedures

Honey body massage
60 min.
60.00 €
Anti-cellulite massage + peeling + honey
60 min.
60.00 €
Anti-cellulite massage + peeling + honey
80 min.
80.00 €
Relaxing massage + honey body wrap
60 min.
60.00 €
The course of the from 4 treatments - 15%

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