What is PRP – Plasma therapy REGENLAB® plasma therapy?

RegenLab® Laboratory (Switzerland) – patented innovative medical products for the isolation of platelet-enriched autoplasma and fibrin-thrombin gel.

The Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation (ACR) method consists in obtaining autoplasma enriched with viable platelets. RegenACR® is a method of regenerative medicine that corrects visual skin defects and promotes the reorganization of its microstructure.

PRP – Plasma therapy REGENLAB® breast therapy

PRP breast therapy is a method of non-surgical breast lift, technology of rejuvenation and tissue repair at the cellular level by subcutaneous injection of platelet-enriched plasma of the patient (a liquid part of the blood containing vitamins, enzymes, proteins, hormones and other substances with pronounced rejuvenating effect of the skin).

Use of the patient’s own blood plasma helps to raise the lowered breast, improve the shape of the breast and improve the visible effect of stretch marks (striae).

The procedure is not an alternative to implants and will not increase your breasts in half, but will noticeably improve the shape.

How does PRP RegenLab® therapy affect the breast skin?

Getting into the breast skin, purified, stabilized and platelet-enriched plasma gives a powerful impetus to the activation of natural processes, such as:

  • Skin renewal. It stimulates the formation of cells that produce elastine and collagen, giving the skin strength and elasticity, as well as hyaluronic acid, which provides elasticity and natural moisturizing of the skin.
  • Strengthening and creating new blood vessels. There is a proliferation of smooth muscle and endothelial cells, the condition of the vessels improves, and the formation of new ones is activated. The blood flow and nutrition of tissues increase. There is a renewal of skin cells.
  • Metabolic. Metabolic processes passes into the young regime, new molecules of hyaluronic acid are actively synthesized, and the most powerful process of formation of the intercellular skin carcass is launched.
  • Reduction of stretch marks (striae). It stimulates the production of collagen in stretch marks at the cellular level, improves capillary blood flow in the area of stretch marks, there is a clarification of fresh stretch marks.
  • Strengthening of immunity. By involving and activating immune cells, it activates local host defences, has anti-inflammatory effect.

The result of the PRP procedure – RegenLab® therapy for the breast

The most important effectiveness indicator of the PRP procedure – RegenLab® therapy for breast is soft tissue lifting, which until recently could be provided by only a classical surgical breast lift.

The breast skin acquires a radiant, healthy colour, the turgor improves, the process of skin rejuvenation at the cellular level is launched.

PRP RegenLab® therapy before and after the mammoplasty.

This method has already proved its effectiveness in eliminating the unevenness of implants.

Platelets significantly accelerate the healing process of the joints after surgery, and also improve the skin quality. This is important especially for those patients whose skin has lost elasticity, has become thin, flabby and dry. Mammoplasty cannot improve the properties of the skin, but the PRP – RegenLab® therapy manages to do it very well.

Procedure of PRP RegenLab® treatment for breast

There is atraumatic venous blood sampling from the patient, which is then placed in special RegenACR® tubes, characterized by an increased class of safety and sterility. The tubes are then placed in a RegenLab® centrifuge with a special gradient, where they are centrifuged for 3-5 minutes.

Introduction of plasma in the breast area

Further, the resulting platelet-enriched plasma without delay is injected subcutaneously, according to a certain scheme.

Safety of PRP RegenLab® therapy

The procedure of PRP RegenLab® therapy is safe, as the patient is injected a biopreparation made from his/her own plasma, which excludes the risk of allergies.

All RegenACR® blood collection devices are strictly individual and sterile and have a high safety profile, allowing the content of the material to be used for therapeutic purposes.

Contraindications to PRP RegenLab® therapy

  • oncology;
  • violations of blood coagulation (haemophilia), as well as a schematic intake of drugs that dilute blood;
  • decompensated form of diabetes mellitus;
  • HIV infection and AIDS;
  • chronic diseases of the skin and internal organs in the stage of exacerbation;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • thrombocyte function disorders;
  • skin inflammation in places of presumed injections;
  • psychical deviations;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • high level of fibrinogen.

Course of PRP RegenLab® therapy for breast

PRP RegenLab® therapy for breast is carried out by the course, the exact number of sessions is determined in each case by the doctor.

The basic course of PRP therapy starts from 3 procedures with a periodicity of 1 month. 

The result achieved after the course of treatment lasts from one to two years: the spread of effect duration is explained by differences in the initial condition of the skin, age and lifestyle of the patient. It is very important to generate reliable expectations in patients, not promising miracles after one procedure.

Each visit takes approximately 30-60 minutes. After completion of all manipulations, the patient can immediately go home.

When paying for a course of 3 procedures of PRP RegenLab® -15%.


PRP – Plasma theraphy Breast lift, REGENLAB® (Switzerland)

PRP – Plasma theraphy Regen ACR Classic (1 tube) 6 ml.
290.00 €
PRP – Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid – Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml.
350.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy Regen ACR Extra (2 tubes) 12 ml.
370.00 €
PRP - Plasma theraphy with Thrombin serum - Regen ACR Plus One (3 tubes) 18 ml.
600.00 €
PRP – Plasma theraphy with hyaluronic acid - Regen Cellural Matrix (1 tube) 6 ml.+ Regan ACR Classic (2 tubes) 18 ml.
655.00 €

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