With the increase of years, the hand skin becomes pigmented, dry, wrinkled with expressed skin markings. With losing the volume of subcutaneous tissues, venous vessels and sinews on the back of hands are contoured, and knuckles seem increased. A typical clinical picture of the aging hands, so-called “claw hand,” is formed.

It is possible to solve problems with the lost volume and tone of the skin of the back of hands, in a varying degree, by modeling the back of hands with injectable contour correction.

The accumulated clinical experience confirms high efficiency of the Teosyal preparation by TEOXANE Laboratory (Switzerland) for the volume modeling of the back of hands.

This preparation based on the stabilized hyaluronic acid has a high degree of reticulation and expressed volumizing properties.

The benefits of the Teosyal preparation are that in addition to the main task – completion of the volume of soft tissues – it can recover breached regenerative mechanisms of the aging skin, that is it has sufficient therapeutic potential.

Purpose of the procedure:

  • recovery of quality of the skin, improvement of its structure, color, turgor, elasticity.
  • completion of the volume of soft tissues to change the relief of this area and the visual correction of superficial veins and sinews

Indications to the procedure of volume modeling of the back of hands:

  • genetically determined deficit of subcutaneous tissues,
  • aging hands, to correct wrinkles (morphotype of “wrinkled hands”),
  • visualization of veins and sinews of hands (morphotype of “sinewy hands”).

Contraindications to the volume modeling procedure for the back of hands:

  • intolerance of some components of the preparation
  • acute infection or acute exacerbation of persistent infection in the zone of injection of the preparation
  • previous injection of a permanent filler
  • tendency to the forming of keloid scars
  • systemic diseases of connective tissue
  • disorder of blood coagulation
  • diseases of peripheral vessels
  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • oncological diseases.

Recommended treatment:

The volume modeling procedure is performed one time. If necessary, an additional volume of the preparation can be injected, but not earlier than 3 weeks after the procedure.
The clinical effect remains for a period of up to 18 months.

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patient should temporarily refuse visiting baths, sauna, solarium, paraffinotherapy procedures.


Volume modeling of the back of hands by preparations based on the stabilized Teosyal

Volume modeling of the back of hands
450.00 €

AppointmentContour correction. Volume modeling of the back of hands by preparations based on the stabilized Teosyal hyaluronic acid by TEOXANE Laboratory (Switzerland)