SMAS –  lifting face massage

SMAS –  lifting massage – ultra-modern face rejuvenation method, indicated on raising soft tissues of the face due to regeneration of muscle balance of middle and lower zones.

What is SMAS lifting massage:

SMAS “superficial muscular aponeurotic system” muscle-aponeurotic layer, located under the skin layer and subcutaneous tissue, contacting of muscles and connective-tissue interlayers (aponeuroses).

That is an interlayer of collagen and elastin tissues, located on facial mimic-wrinkles right under the skin layer. Facial contours, presence or lack of sentinel piles and wrinkles is depending on the SMAS condition.

SMAS feels age-related changes of your body in the first place, which are becoming visible on facial appearance step-by-step.

SMAS is present on parotic and buccal regions of your face, and on the neck area, being responsible for the condition of mimic muscles and emotions expression.

Features of SMAS – lifting face massage:

By traditional facial massage only skin and subcutaneous tissue are being treated, but SMAS – lifting massage is conducted a bit deeper, touching the SMAS layer, allowing to prevent age-related changes radically.

Correct anatomic direction during SMAS-lifting massage for different types of ageing will help preventing buccal fat pad deflection (solid fat pads, creating the fatty body of cheek), deepening of nasolabial groove and deformation of facial contour.

SMAS – lifting face massage effect:

Differentiated effect of methods on different systems (skin, fibre bands, muscles, lymphocyte system) taking into account cooperation with SMAS it provides complex rejuvenation effect on different stages of ageing, helping to achieve the immediate effect.

SMAS – lifting massage indications:

Ageing processes are weakening the superficial muscular aponeurotic system, causing gradual droop of facial muscles, expressed as follows:

  • Sentinel piles on the neck;
  • Facial contours deformation;
  • Droop of angulus oris;
  • Deepening of nasolabial groove;
  • blepharoplegia;
  • oedemas;
  • mimic wrinkles.

Contra-indications: acute inflammatory processes

Duration: 90 minutes

Course: From 4 procedures, two-three times a week.

Note: SMAS – lifting face massage procedure is combined with peptide therapy, rapidly increasing the results. Technique is suitable for all morphotypes and ageing stages.


SMAS – lifting face massage + peptide therapy

SMAS - lifting face massage + peptide therapy
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