Sublime Skin Pro-Lift Deluxe is an innovative multi–level lifting care program aimed at correcting age-related changes and preventing structural aging of the skin

Effectiveness is achieved thanks to a double Delicate Pro-Lift peel combined with vitamin C, an innovative BOTOX-LIKE two-phase plasticising mask and hydrogel patches – a mask for the eye area.

The programme is combined with a special lifting massage technique to improve skin turgor, increase elastin and collagen levels in the cells and model the facial oval.

Purpose of the Sublime Skin Pro-Lift Deluxe program

The program is designed to correct and prevent age-related changes in the skin of the face and neck.
The Sublime Skin Pro-Lifting Delux treatment is based on the innovative comprehensive Arch-Lift ™ program, which combats the signs of aging and structural changes of the skin (Degener-Aging).

ARCHI-LIFT ™ technology — active lifting from the inside

Synergies of peptide complexes and ARCHI-LIFT™ technology correct structural skin ageing and provide visible lifting results.

ARCHI-LIFT ™ Formula

ARCHI-LIFT ™ technology = hydro- and lip-filling effect (filling) + protein protection and inhibition of micro RNA (firming).

ARCHI-LIFT ™ has a three-level effect:

  • Provides high-quality hydration thanks to micro- and macro-hyaluronic acid in the composition.
  • Protects the protein structure from breakdown with Plantain lanceolium extract and palmitoyl glycine.
  • Restores adiptocytes of adipose tissue with the help of milk peony.


Special feature of the Sublime Skin Pro-Lift Deluxe treatment

  • Hydrogel Patches – Mask (Sublime Skin Eye Patch) for the eye area.

This treatment uses the innovative Hydrogel Patch Mask (Sublime Skin Eye Patch) based on hexapeptides with a corrective and refreshing effect, which are applied in a single sheet to the entire eye area.

Hydrogel Patch have an intense instant lifting effect, eliminate signs of fatigue, puffiness, makes the look more radiant and attractive.

The high-tech active ingredient delivery system – hydrogel – ensures penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Sublime [comfort zone] two-phase plasticising mask with BOTOX-LIKE effect.

Sublime [comfort zone] two-phase plasticizing mask, thanks to the synergy of 9 peptides, creates a BOTOX-LIKE effect.

*There is no botulinum toxin in the composition of the Sublime [comfort zone] plasticizing mask, skin rejuvenation occurs due to peptides.

Advantage of Sublime Skin Pro-Lift Deluxe

  • Exclusive ARCHI-LIFT ™ technology – corrects signs of structural aging of the skin.
  • BOTOX-LIKE peptides – provide a visible lifting effect.
  • Innovative two-phase mask and exclusive lifting massage – make the skin perfect.

Sublime Skin Pro-Lift Deluxe results

  • Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • Restores skin radiance.
  • Smoothes skin texture.
  • Reduces the size and depth of wrinkles, including expression lines.
  • Facial contour is enhanced.
  • Lifts the eye and face area structurally.
  • Restores skin turgor and fullness.
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Duration of the procedure: 90 min.

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Sublime Skin Pro-Lifting Deluxe by [ comfort zone ] (Italy)

Sublime Skin Pro-Lifting Deluxe
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