Thread-lift or 3D mesothreads are the latest rejuvenation technology and the three-dimensional modeling of face and body contours

  • Thread-lift with JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D mesothread (Japan) is an innovative approach to the correction of age-related changes in the face and body skin.
  • V-Lift PRO is an alternative to non-surgical skin tightening.
  • V-Lift PRO is a revolutionary method in facelift and body shape correction.
  • V-Lift PRO is 3D rejuvenation, recovery of elasticity and resilience in any zone where facelift is needed.
  • V-Lift PRO is an instant result.

JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D mesothread, Japan Bio Products (Japan) is a unique system of the installation of mesothreads consisting of an injectable guide-needle and a mesothread fixed in the guide-needle (guide-needle and 3D mesothread), which, after the installation of the mesothread in tissue, easily separate from each other with one movement.

JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D mesothread is used for the correction of difficult sections where the skin sinks, and also for the implementation of V-shaped facelift. A particularity of this system is the feature that they are more firmly fixed in tissues, thanks to which their effect is better 3 times. So, the 3D material is used where usual mesothreads cannot cope.

What is JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D mesothread?


It is medical resorbable suture material (Polydioxanone) that causes the biologically induced lift. The mesothread has no notches, seams, and its mechanism of action is very physiologic and natural. After 6-8 months, the mesothread is completely biodegraded, and the result of strengthening of the tissues remains for up to one and a half or two years. Tissue reaction to the mesothread is caused by soft neocollagenose (young collagen formation) that continues performing the “frame” function for 18-24 months.

Uniqueness of JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D mesothreads – it is the only technology of the combination of JBP® V-Lift mesothreads with a placental extract for mesotherapy on the basis of the Laennec preparation (JBP, Japan), it provides strong lift and tightening as well as promotes active rejuvenation of the face, neck, hand skin and in other parts of the body.

What is the JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D needle?

JBP®V-Lift PDO guide-needles are made by the Japan Bio Products company (Japanese Bio Products) for the exclusive use in this field. The thinnest flexible guide-needle is made of sterile medical steel having unique sharpening, and its implanted 3D mesothread is resorbable suture material on the basis of Polydioxanone. The procedure becomes almost painless for the patient thanks to the special sharpening of the needles.

As a result of the use of JBP®V-Lift PDO 3D system, the following is possible:


  • to get rid of age decreases around eyes;
  • to return the volume to the zone around the mouth;
  • to give volume to temporal zone and cheeks;
  • to eliminate lacrimonasal sulci, marionette folds, and other wrinkles;
  • cheekbones become higher and filled, it is possible to get rid of their age flattening;
  • to tighten the face shape, make its shape accurate;
  • to create an ideal line of the lower jawbone;
  • to give brightness and elasticity to the skin.


  • to get rid of skin laxity on stomach, buttocks, inner surface of hands;
  • to eliminate an uneven relief of the skin, including after liposuction;
  • to eliminate wrinkles in decollete zone


For whom thread-lift is recommended?

Thread-lift is, first of all, recommended to patients who are not helped by non-surgical rejuvenation methods (mesotherapy, biorevitalization), but it is still undesirable to do classic facelift.  After examination of a patient and determination of desirable effect of the procedure, the doctor makes an individual conclusion based on particularities of the patient’s skin state.

Contraindications for the thread-lift procedure

  • blood diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI, flu);
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • mental and neurotic diseases;
  • neoplasms and inflammations on the skin;
  • earlier performed biodegradable implantations;
  • high body temperature;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • autoimmune diseases.

Before thread-lift procedure

It is not recommended to take any blood thinners (aspirin, antiaggregants).

After thread-lift procedure

After the thread-lift procedure with 3D mesothreads, it is necessary to refrain from sauna, massage, solarium for 2–3 weeks. And after that, you can return to your usual life completely. The rehabilitation period is rather short, no special care is required, but sometimes after 3D mesothreads there are edema, small bruises, which completely disappear for a few days.

Necessary number of 3D mesothreads is specified in the table

Face – 20 to 100 pcs
Neck – 20 to 50 pcs
Decollete – to 50 pcs
Stomach – from 50 pcs
Inner surface of thigh – from 40 pcs
Breast – 40 to 60 pcs
Buttocks – 60 to 100 pcs

The cost of the procedure depends on which problem with the skin should be eliminated, in which part of the body, where it will be performed.


Thread-lift / 3D – mesothread JBP® V-Lift PDO (Japan)

Placement - 5 mesothreads
150.00 €
Placement - 10 mesothreads
290.00 €
Placement - 15 mesothreads
395.00 €
Placement - 20 mesothreads
495.00 €
Placement - 25 mesothreads
595.00 €
Placement - 30 mesothreads
695.00 €
Placement - 35 mesothreads
795.00 €
Placement - 40 mesothreads
895.00 €
Placement - 45 mesothreads
995.00 €
Placement - 50 mesothreads
1095.00 €
Placement - 55 mesothreads
11195.00 €

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