The «ImmunoHealth™» Nutrition Program is a new word in dietology and therapeutic treatment.

The «ImmunoHealth™» Program is a system of health recovery through correcting nutrition – the body’s most important life-forming function.

  • This is an up-to-date, scientifically-based, individual approach to each patient, taking into account the uniqueness of each immune and digestive systems.
  • This is the release of the diet from a number of products that cause negative reactions and excessive overload of the immune system.
  • This is adherence to the physiological principles of food compatibility and a number of general rules that promote effective digestion.
  • This is a joint work with the patient on habits and false stereotypes in the diet, based on personal recommendations and ongoing support.
  • This is a gradual transition from tougher restrictions of the first weeks to more flexible restrictions in the future, until the emergence of an inner need and ability to always adhere to only one’s own, most optimal course in nutrition.
  • This is a new attitude to yourself; this is a transition to a new way of life and a new life quality.

By eliminating harmful foods from the diet, the excessive load on the immune system is reduced, the inflammatory process in various organs and tissues stops, the immune system returns to normal and the person is able to regain health. The principles of this program are easy to follow throughout life.

What is the «ImmunoHealth™» individual nutrition program?

ImmunoHealth™ is a patented method for diagnosing latent food hypersensitivity by the level of IgG in the blood – the «BloodScan™ Test» for 111 food items.

The assay allows you to determine how the immune system of a particular person reacts to different foods. Based on the result of the assay, an individual balanced diet is formed, excluding certain foods.

The «ImmunoHealth™» nutrition program allows you to:

  • Diagnose “hidden food hypersensitivity”, i.e. latent abnormal body reactions to food, which is the true cause of the majority of persistent, recalcitrant, chronic diseases, lack of energy, tone and weak resistance to infections;
  • Normalize weight and improve your health without limiting the amount of calories consumed, risky and exhausting fasts, without disturbing the balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals;
  • Allows you to significantly reduce the need in many drugs for chronic diseases, up to complete cancellation;
  • Activate significant additional energy and protective resources.

How is the assay done?

The basic component of the «ImmunoHealth™» is the multicomponent immunological «BloodScan™ Test» which allows to determine the concentration of specific antibodies in the patient’s blood and to determine with high accuracy the «antagonist products», based on the patented methodology.

To conduct the «BloodScan™ Test», the blood is taken from a patient’s finger onto a special absorption card that allows you to store blood for a month and transport the «dry blood» over unlimited distances.

Indications for using the «ImmunoHealth™» program:

  • Pathologies of the digestive organs, in particular, heartburn, abnormal stool, abdominal pain, ulcer;
  • Frequent cough, runny nose, chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, bronchitis;
  • Skin diseases, including fungal, viral and allergic;
  • Systemic pathologies, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, gout, urolithiasis;
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Frequent infectious diseases, candidiasis and other disorders of the immune system;
  • Pathology of the genitourinary system, including miscarriage or pronounced gestational toxicosis;
  • Neurological disorders, in particular depression, insomnia, irritability, migraine, chronic fatigue;

What will patients get after taking the «ImmunoHealth™» Program?

  • Before making the assay, consultation with a nutrition specialist on the methodology, a survey on the state of health, allergies, existing chronic diseases, dietary habits, etc.
  • Finger blood sampling for the assay by the «BloodScan™ Test» system.
  • Consultation with the nutrition specialist according to the test results, where an individual «Food Portrait» will be provided:
  • “red” – list of prohibited food items.
  • “green” – list of permitted food items.
  • “yellow” – list of foods that also need to be eliminated from the diet for 1.5 months completely and then gradually introduced into the diet according to the recommendation of the nutrition specialist.
  • Getting an approximate daily diet – breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • If necessary, the supporting treatment order.
  • Providing personal support by a nutritionist in the transition to your new lifestyle via email.
  • Consultation with the nutrition specialist in 1-1.5 months from the start of dieting, where recommendations will be made for the gradual introduction of foods from the “yellow” list.
  • After 5-6 months of supervision, you can repeat the test to evaluate changes in the reaction of your immune system to food. With the retest, your individual program will be optimized and expanded for later longstanding use.

The «ImmunoHealth™» Program Result

With a strict observance of the balanced diet, after 2 weeks you will feel great well-being, a surge of energy and strength, an increase in working capacity, and an improvement in your mood. Weight loss is a necessary side effect and proof that you strictly adhere to your diet.


The ImmunoHealth™ program has nothing to do with the blood type diet. Once, being the first step towards understanding the nutritional identity, before the advent of more precise laboratory technologies, the blood type diet could divide people into just four types.

The modern population consists of a huge number of ethnic groups, each of which has its own genetic characteristics, including the dominant blood group, its own history and food culture that has developed over thousands of years. But each particular representative also has his/her own characteristic set of enzymes, his/her own antagonistic products, immune responses and the range of chronic diseases.

At present, the task of food adaptation is being solved on a more individual level with much greater accuracy. In ImmunoHealth™ on the basis of the BloodScan™ Test, an individual personal nutritional adaptation program is created that takes into account not only the superfine individual distinctions from other individuals, but even the subtle changes in a patient during a personal rehabilitation program.

The ImmunoHealth™ Program treats each person as an individual. The ImmunoHealth™ Program is fundamentally different from any diet and nutrition program in that the main criterion in the choice of food for a particular person is the reaction of the immune system to this food. Caloric content and composition of the food item is certainly an important, but secondary criterion. All traditional principles of healthy nutrition “work” with maximum efficacy in the balanced diet.

The ImmunoHealth™ Program allows you to determine the imbalance in the food basket with the highest accuracy. The program includes a methodology for making important timely adjustments to the diet, taking into account changes in the immune system. This provides the highest percentage of positive results.

There is no point in doing the food test for babies. During breastfeeding, the mother’s antibodies act and sometimes cause pathological reactions in the child’s body. In this case, the food of the mother should be tested and adjusted. Therefore, we recommend that moms pass the ImmunoHealth™ Test in order to receive their nutrition program. Experience shows that accurate correction of mother’s nutrition gives an effect within 3-4 weeks.

If you are overweight, then this is largely due to excessive fluid retention in the tissues. This part of the excess weight quickly goes away during the first 2-3 weeks. In some cases, the weight can be reduced even by 10-15 kg (for people with a large overweight). After 1.5-2 months, the weight will decrease more slowly and intermittently, followed by periods of adaptation.

Testing on the basis of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA IgG)

The key difference between ImmunoHealth™ and laboratories is the US patented BloodScan Test™ results processing methodology, which allows you to accurately determine the set of antagonist foods that cause the phenomenon of “food intolerance.”

The ImmunoHealth™ unique methodology includes dynamic monitoring of the patient’s condition before and after the introduction of correction into the nutritional plan and advisory support. The method includes the mandatory refinement and correction of the “balanced diet” during the entire recovery period.

All this together makes it possible to achieve a high level of positive, consistently long-term results of treatment, for different types of pathology from 86% to 95%. Testing food items that allergists, dermatologists, pediatricians, and other specialists do, has other goals — to eliminate individual food allergens of a different type that are responsible for other reactions and manifestations.

To date, 180 essential food items are being tested on the basis of the BloodScan™ Test. The basic list is constantly updated with derivatives of the main food item (for example, if olives are allowed, then olive oil is allowed too; if malt, brewer’s yeast and barley are allowed, then beer is allowed as well). The test panel for ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) was created in the United States, based on statistically most commonly used foods in our region.

The ImmunoHealth™ Program does not allow you to endure hunger. The main effect is due to the fact that the body is freed from the pathological “accumulations” created over the years of life. Since weight is not reduced due to muscle mass and is not associated with the loss of useful resources (which usually recover quickly), such a weight loss is easily tolerated and remains stable. However, these achievements can also be “lost” over time. The program helps to change the lifestyle for the better – this is its main objective. As a rule, the ImmunoHealth™ Program corrects eating habits for a lifetime.

Often, resistance to the restructuring of the body is provided by drugs which include sex or steroid hormones. It makes no sense to test blood during a religious fast, or against the backdrop of compliance with certain diets, immediately after drinking, or strong overeating. The day before testing should be normal. Also, it makes no sense to test blood soon after taking medication for allergies, or a course of antibiotics – the test result will be distorted. Against the background of an acute infection, the test should be postponed.

The ImmunoHealth™ Program is contraindicated in patients with bio-transplants. A sharp rise in the activity of the immune system can stimulate the rejection reaction. Immunosuppressants, radiation therapy, chemotherapy distort the picture of the reaction of the immune system. Based on such data, you cannot build a program. The test should be done before starting treatment.

If you want to achieve a really serious result, then you need to create the conditions to your body as comfortable as possible. You should stop drinking alcohol and using vinegar for at least 2-3 months. These products significantly affect the absorption and permeability of the intestinal wall. Then we will help you choose a more “suitable” alcohol for you, manufactured on the basis of products permitted to you.

For example, if you are a whiskey fan, and barley is prohibited to you, we will advise to switch to corn varieties. The same applies to vodka and wines. If you have a strong immune response to tannin, then we advise you to avoid wines from red grapes (including cognacs), and go to dry white wines, gin, rum, calvados, sake, tequila – a specialist in nutrition will help you make your personal “wine list”. How you tolerate various types of alcohol is very much related to your tolerance to the original products.



ImmunoHealth ™ Food Intolerance Test

"The ImmunoHealth™ IT Kids Program" for children (diagnosis of latent food hypersensitivity for 90 food antigens)
370.00 €
"The ImmunoHealt™ IT Classic Program" (diagnosis of latent food hypersensitivity for 111 food antigens)
390.00 €
"The ImmunoHealt™ IT Premium Program" (diagnosis of latent food hypersensitivity for 180 food antigens)
580.00 €
The cost of the analysis includes a consultation with a nutrition specialist (two consultations of 1.5 hours and 30 minutes)

AppointmentThe ImmunoHealth™ Food Intolerance Test