About men’s cosmetology


Consultation and examination of the patient are important stages as at this particular time a decision is taken regarding the work with the patient, a program to correct aesthetic shortcomings is developed. The cosmetologist’s main task during the primary consultation is to hear the patient and explain possibilities of the aesthetic medicine in each case.

Apparatus cosmetology

Contour correction

Контурная пластика – это инъекционная методика устранения морщин и коррекции контуров лица, основанная на заполнении подкожной полости специальными препаратами (филлерами).

PRP - therapy or autologous cellular rejuvenation PRP/ARC by RegenLab® (Switzerland)

Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation (ARC) or PRP therapy by RegenLab Laboratory is an innovative technology of lifting and rejuvenating the skin of the face and body with the help of platelet-enriched autoplasma obtained in the eyes of a patient from his/her own blood, as well as fibrin autogel, rich with thrombin, which allows for volume correction of the face.

Injection cosmetology

Modern anti-ageing injections methods, providing natural regeneration and rejuvenation as a result of activation of internal cellular resources (without plastic surgery).


A procedure of skin stimulation and restoration without rehabilitation.

Rejuvenation of Skin around Eyes

The eyes are not only the window to the soul but also the reflection of problems, a lack of sleep, genetics, bad ecology, and poor nutrition. They just deceitfully betray the man’s age – the first mimic wrinkles, dark shadows and edema appear around them.

Hand Care Methods

Photorejuvenation. Fight against pigment spots on hand skin
Biorevitalization is deep moistening and improvement of the quality of hand skin

Cosmetology procedures

Professional programs for lifting, deep moisturizing, rejuvenation, treatment for the face and neck skin.



Men's manicure and pedicure